Friday, April 4, 2008

Socks socks and more socks

I know it has been a few days and no I didnn't pass away and get devoured by my cat. I finished one of the springy socks and realised I hated the yarn allot. I wanted to love it because of the color but I didn't so I took the second ball of yarn which was untouched and was going to pay the difference to get a brand tried and true and I left the sock as a demo for my boss and the other yarn returned and he called it good and now I have a new sock yarn to knit up

A pretty soft and bright schaefer ann sock yarn. I love you Lynn it was me not you I chose bad yarn for myself the aloe made my hands dry as a well... dry stuff and the yarn split like crazy as i knit with it. It felt like a gunny sack when I got done with the one sock so I decided not to move ahead.
I am now working on a pair of jaywalkers for boo boo out of rainbow regia. I am one down and a tiny bit into the second one. After I finished the first she informed me she needed a second sock!!! I hope all you knitters out there realise that you have to knit two socks!!! All those years down the drain lol. So if anyone is keeping track that means I have a pair of socks to knit for fire monster yet plus a pair for my sis (which I am keeping her schaefer ann and bought trekking pronature as a decoy yarn) , plus two pairs of socks for myself and a hat. Thank god tomorrow is knit night I have got tons to get done. Not to mention that I have got a hat for my bosses charity knitting to do.
I am super excited for knit night by the way I have lots of yummy things to cook and eat. I have a few possible videos. I am super excited. I am not as excited that I have to get up early and do some foils on my hubby's friend's girlfriends. but she is preggo and I understand and I want her to feel better about her self every pregnant women should feel beautiful because I know this last pregnancy I sure as heck did not.
Fire monster got a new toy today. One of those mats that she rolls around on that dangles toys just out of her reach lol. It is cute and she has soo much fun in it. I also got boo boo a movie that she doesn't even know of. She is at her dads already for the weekend. A old Alvin and the chipmunks ones where they fly around in a hot air balloon. She has jumped on the chipmunks band wagon. She will be excited. Other then that life has been boring. I have been working lots and that is about it. I am not very funny more exhausted. At least I am not angry and starving anymore. I had quiet a few days when a was off solids where I was a cranky mad women and poor Ben survived. I am on smooshy stuff now. No chewy things but I did manage a mcds. plain double cheese burger today woooohooo. my unintentional hunger strike is over. well bloggers cat is at my feet trying to force me to feed him so I guess he deserves to eat if I get to eat. take care of your cats bloggers.

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