Friday, April 18, 2008


Well bloggers, I know it has been a while. I have been working lots lately give me a break. I also have developed a stye the size of a fairly sizable mountain. I can't think of one to name at this point but it doesn't matter really does it? It is big and gross and we will leave it at that. I am waiting for Ben get the fire monster who I am seriously thinking needs to be renamed gizmo because she sounds soo much like him when she talks and at a mere 5 months does a army crawl and she can roll basically anywhere she wants she is making us crazy and very nervous since she is sooo young to be achieving such mischief. Booo boo the butt monkey is at her dads for a few days and I am sorta relieved to have a bit of a break she has drug me to the pool swimming 4 times this week. I can only do so much people!!!

I finished the lava socks they are beautiful and great and I got two great new sock yarns and i have pics from me and my girlfriends trip to see the yarn harlot but I have been in no mood to get things together (see before mentioned stye and mention of work) Well I have the earth mother comment for the day. I was showing off my socks very proudly and mentioned that I have enough sock yarn left for another sock as determined by weighing my sock i used less then half the skein (by the way I have 2.26 oz left of a 4 oz skein of schaefer ann by the way) and she said we really need to teach you yardage!! hello half my skein of sock yarn is gone what easy method do I have that is easier then putting it on my digital scale i use for hair color??? But what ever she can say to belittle you in front of customers and try to make her self feel better right. Oh well we can't all be nice knitters right. Well I am off to snuggle my hubby and climb into bed.

If I go die of gangrene from using year old antibiotic eye drops in my eye because I am too lazy to go in to the Dr's I leave everything to the cat. lol (not really he only gets half)

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  1. Hey, hope the stye gets better soon! Would love to see your finished sock - and what's wrong with measuring by weight? (Other than most of us don't have a scale...)