Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things have been slow lately. I have been busy busy but I have broke free from work for 5 straight days. I stayed home yesterday just me and the fire monster and a few rented movies and hung out. I got a bit of knitting done but mostly just snuggles with the fire monster. Ben had four days in a row off last week so it was nice to have him around. I am very tired. Boo boo is back from her dads and tired and a bit mouthy (typical behavior for coming home from her dads). I am almost to the heel on my sisters second sock. I can't wait to finish it. I keep debating what to do next. Socks for my fire monster or the hat for her made out of the hand spun beautiful alpaca my girlfriend spun for me. I have such a hard time making it for something that she won't fit next year it is sooo pretty.

Speaking of fire monster she is behind me in her bassinet growling her self to sleep she is such a monster lol. Boo boo is watching James and the giant peach in the living room. Okay I do not have much to say lately. I was pretty sure by mid week this week that my boss who I love but he has the mood swings of a women was trying to crush my soul. I am pooped and have plenty of chores to keep me busy and a whole ton of things I should be doing. Why does everything take so much time. Fire monster is asleep with the cat keeping a close and watchful eye as he naps near by I am off to get to that heel wish me luck. :)

Okay guys I am adding to this because i picked my next project the reading in bed shrug and I am doing it in worsted alpaca. I can't wait I am busting my hump on my sis's sock tonight so I can start it asap. I am 12 rows past the heel and going Strong the boo boo is in bed with a movie. and fire monster is asleep in her bed. I am excited. I am going to throw on a movie and get to knitting :)

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