Sunday, May 11, 2008

rich in the ways it counts.

Okay so today is mothers day... it is also the day my dad passed away two years ago from complications due to lung cancer I guess would be the technical term but he had a blood clot go straight to his heart. I love him and miss him and think of him allot. But I will not dwell on that. Today is also the day I went to Shepard's harvest and it was great great fun. Lots of great fuzzy animals and shops with cool fibers and things. I took a class on lace taught by Annie Modesitt. Which I loved it was great and she does beautiful things and is a great teacher loved her. She made me laugh too which is great on days like today. I left with a new found love for the chart. I look at them in a whole new way I do not read them the same as I did before that is for sure. I can't wait to dive into some of her projects (as soon as I finish the 3 i have going) I am normally such a monogamous knitter I do not know what has gotten into me. Anyway I can't wait to do her sling chair and her beautiful wide brimmed hats which not my usual style but she wore it and it looked cute so if she can pull it off so can I by god.
PS the photo included above is the reading in bed shrug that didn't fit me so my sister in law inherited it. I am working on my new one now.

I have had a few changes I quit my job this last week. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. I am getting my house back in order seeing my family more and cooking more and the things I love (being a housewife) Yeah I know most of you will think I am crazy but there is something satisfying about it. We were just settling down after me quiting when we realised my hubby's change of schedule at work shorted him two days and a few hundred $ so We are definitely tight money wise but hello it is a recession who isn't right. So no $ = no phone. Which if I would have been on bed rest I would have gone crazy but I find it almost soothing in a way. I get allot done with out having that distraction. But yet there are times when I want to call like to tell my sisters and mom and what not happy mothers day and no can do so they will have to settle for email. I am really kind of enjoying being in my little cocoon. I am a home body and I love being at home and watching movies and curling up with my knitting and books and girls and hubby and being here. So ya know we are healthy and although my oldest pushed me to the limit tonight at times I love them all soo much and poor spell or not I wouldn't change it for anything. Money comes and it goes. I just try not to stress we have food and a roof over our head and each other the rest is all just stuff anyway right. (besides if you haven't guessed my stash isn't low yet so I am happy til that happens right lol)

this pic of butt monkey is the aftermath of the days events.

So basically once I am done relaxing with a cup of yummy tea my sis sent me from over seas I am going to do a quick house tidy and sit down and bind off the sample i did in class to get the closer and practice the new method I learned. I hope all you mamas out there had a great day and are as happy and cozy as me right now. Besides I find great comfort in the fact that if worse comes to worse I will shave the cat and have my girlfriend spin the fur for yarn and then eat him. I am just saying it is always a option people lets hope it doesn't get to that lol.

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  1. OOoh, it sounds like the class was great! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    You know, I agree about the no phone thing. It's almost like you're being awarded a bunch of quite and peaceful time after all that stress. That's great!

    See you soon!