Sunday, May 18, 2008

rolling down hill...

Well bloggers. The weekend was somewhat of a bust with knitting projects. I did do a few other things crafty like embroidered a pillow case actually two but I am going to add some more to the patterns I did. I didn't use patterns I drew them onto the cases them embroidered it. I decided after finishing they need a little something else so I will add to them. It is something I like to do every now and again it reminds me of my grandma. We have a few pillow cases around that I have done and we all fight over them. My four year old has her very own now though. I also duplicate (or did a lame attempt at) stitched the heels on my embossed leaves. The smooshy dream in color didn't hold up as well as I would have thought it would. Oh well I guess.

We had a long rough weekend. I had my three year old almost four year old (undiagnosed autistic) nephew yesterday. His dad is making a attempt at potty training him before his mom gets home from kosovo but you know I think you need conversation skills and more speech then a vague parroting before you can be potty trained. I think in the end I had as many hits as misses and got to clean poop up off my bathroom floor. I was cranky after that. I love the little guy but I truly think I will not offer to take him again no matter how much my other sis guilt's me. I had the monster puke I would say at least ten times (carrots) and my nephew peed his pants three times and pooped on the bathroom floor once and woke up the baby countless times. He cried all day about everything from he didn't want to eat the mac and cheese (the noodles prolly weren't the same shape as at home) to his unnatural fear of my dust buster. With Ben working weekends I have just decided no more. It is me with no help and having a baby makes it just ten times too hard. My sister has two older kids, a house,and a husband who is home to help on the weekends. I have a two bedroom apartment a four year old and a baby and am on my own. Not to mention the fact that I haven't got so much as a few hours alone with my husband since my sucky couple hour date with my hubby in march. SO I am done.

Also sat. when we had my nephew my husband went to leave for work and the tire fell off the car. We had to have it towed. I had a tow truck come from up the road less then a mile and it towed our car less then 20 yards. 80$ I was not happy. One step forward two steps back. We just swept out the garage and now it has a nice broken car in it. It was a giant mess the car was broken diagonal across the road and our road is a through road so people use it to cheat the stop light and they fly down it and high school had just let out and it wasn't pretty so if we didn't get it towed quick someone was either going to hit it or the cops would tow it first which would cost even more money. SO I guess you could say shit literally rolled down hill this weekend. I am a bit over stressed and cranky. I need to just curl up and knit.

I just checked on my babies and there is something sooo cozy and comforting about my daughter sleeping on a pillow embroidered with a design we made and a quilt made by my sis and my other baby laying there sleeping under the blankly i knit her with the teddy her aunt sent her. and all the things around that were made with time and love that make me feel a bit better. Seeing the love in the mittens drying on the table. the socks drying in the bathroom. the blankets and pillows and all the things that are the tangible representations of love of my family there even after the crappy weekend I ended on a good note. I am going to snuggle in with the pillow my grandma embroidered and knit til I crash.

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