Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The begining of the end...

So I was sitting at the computer yesterday and we moved furniture so the fire monsters bed is right by it. She was in there supposed to be going to sleep for her afternoon nap when she sat straight up grabbed the edge and stood herself up!!! This is insane to me because she just turned 6 months a week ago. She is crawling around my house getting into all kinds of trouble and now pulling her self up to stand by things and she has only just turned 6 months!!! What am I going to do with this girl there is no holding her back and enjoying the baby stage she just keeps moving forward and not looking back. She is trouble wayyyy tooo determined.

Anyway this is me and my hubby's weekend. Today would be our Sunday. Boo boo has her last day of school :( and Ben took her and went to the gym while she was there. I enjoyed sleeping in a bit longer with the baby but yet I wish I would have went now to see the last day. I think maybe we will take her out for ice cream after to celebrate. She is just only the most beautiful smart girl i know. (which is great because the other one looks just like her lol)

I have been trudging along very boringly on my baby surprise sweater for my hubby's friend. and I am soo sick of it I think I may have to start something else just so I do not die of boredom but yet my whole reason for not starting something else is so I won't get side tracked and just get it done but Yeah we will see how that goes. Well fire monster is up and I am still in PJ's think I will get dressed and tidy up so we can do something special with the boo boo when she gets off I am thinking a bike ride /Rollerblade. :)

and we will end with this the cat torture for the day although he realy didn't seem to mind (it takes way too much to ruffle his feathers

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