Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeah...

I know I get slower all the time people. But in my defense I had a very productive week. I polished off allot of projects despite the fact that my little fire monster will probably be walking around things with in the next two weeks!!!! (hey that is quiet the feat seeing as she just turned 6 and a half months) I am constantly chasing her out of things. Her new favorite today was pulling her self up to dig in the garbage can in the living room. She also has a special fondness for crawling up and cramming her self in her little jumpy stand toy thing.

But back to the knitting. Let me see first I finished ...the god forsaken baby surprise for my husbands friends. It was cute but I am glade to be done with it. I am still debating wither or not to do a little debbie bliss hat to go with it. I made it out of baby cashmerino. Cute little teddy bear buttons.

Then for a nice break I decided to knit my other koolhaas hat for the fun of it. It is made from rowan kid classic and is going to go with one of my favorite scarfs beautifully.

Then I buckled down and finished the other monkey sock for my lovely sherry. I will have them in the mail eventually.

Now I am working on what is my new love. I am in love with these socks. I am making cookie a.s hedera socks. I am making them with knit picks risata (grass) and I am just in love with them. Very simple pattern but comes out just beautiful. They go super fast. I am sooo loving these.

You can't really see the yarn overs when I have the pic like that but I will take better pics when they are done.

Soo see I didn't abandon you I was just knittin' my ass off people. I got allot done. So I am going to curl up in bed next to my baby girl (yes I gave in she is asleep in my bed) and work on my new love but I leave you with this people..

what the heck is wrong here people????
PS I apologize if things are all funky the way they line up I tried what can you do.

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