Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well people I have done it I have achieved success, I have knit my self my first real garment. I have 8000 socks scarfs hats mittens rugs baby and child things but nothing large for my self til now. I finished my shrug and it is blocking on my table and I smell like a dirty wet alpaca. I have been in quiet the snit all week. I feel like I am coming around though. Although I have been just in love with my projects and making fairly good time. I mean I made shelbys rainbow socks I finished my shrug and I have started what have been names the lava socks that I am in love with (thank you lynn) I have been short fussed, cranky and my moods can take a turn for the worse on a dime.

Case in point this morning my husband drug me out of bed telling me we had to get buttmonkey to school well I woke up to find every single favorite thing I owned was in the drier still wet because it seems that what I can only assume is a diaper had been washed with them. (which ben has also washed a entire roll of toilet paper with our laundry before he is not very observant but that is a story for another day) so back to the point I had to wear things I hated and rush around and then Ben started to get upset and said something that threw me into what can only be explained as a mutant rage much like the hulk. I came at ben nostrils flaired, fire in my eyes and in fear of his life he threw a dishrag at me and I punched him in the arm screamed and then went in the room and slammed the door with such a force a part of the door jam fell down and the door pushed forward and in what can only be explained as a act of god to save my husbands life the little nails that held the door jam up were bent in such a way the door was locked shut and I had to find scissors and bend them one by one to make pry the door open by then I had thrown my ipod on and was listening to the yarn harlot in a daze trying to get myself out to the car. with the 20 minute ride listening to the yarn harlot and a bit of my Lacie lava sock behind me I had come down but I told my husband next time that happens have the good sense to keep your mouth shut and make no sudden movements til I am fully dressed.

I had a close call this after noon though when i realised in with the load in the drier he had thrown my favorite pair of hand knit socks my lace embossed leaves socks!!! I just thank god that tomorrow I work then I am off to watch the yarn harlot speak. I can't wait to get out get a break and shirk my responsibilities. I should prolly go people I should coax the cat out of hiding I am sure he is shaking in a corner somehow waiting for the beast to arise in me once again lol.

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