Monday, March 17, 2008

bahhhh I have alot to learn about how to link things so for a while it may sorta be a boring page til I learn how to add things and I don't know maybe read my comments and what not and no I am not illeterate just a bit brain fried from life. Speaking of which I am struggling to rub the sleep out of my eyes and get moving and slip into a chia induced state of euphria before I go into work at the yarn shop that I work at. I love my boss but he is a giant whirlwind of drama. He is overwhelming enough to almost leave me speechless. My husband is off to work yet again and my 4 month old is going to start screaming any second. Well here we go I have got 6 hours to go of insain rushing and crying and drama out the ying yang until the big pay off.... my knit group. ahhh sweet gloris haven of loving ladies. see ya bloggers

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