Monday, March 24, 2008

Not bad for a monday

Well bloggers, I had a pretty nice little Monday. My sister took me to lunch for my birthday. Then I went to knit group which is always lovely. I gave a present and got a couple presents and some lovely cards. Some great cheese cake and the added bonus that today we traded where our group meets to a way better location was great. I got a great fix of my lovely ladies and I have some new spring sock yarn calling my name. I also got some new yoga pants that fit wonderful. You know it is a good day when you find pants that you love the way they fit.

My husband took the kids so me and my girlfriend could enjoy knit group and he also gave me a great card apologising for being such a dope about my birthday. He gave me chocolate and a gift card for a hour massage!!! He knows the way to my heart. I am very very excited. My ear is still killing esp after putting the fire monster to bed. She screams right in it and I swear it is just going to start bleeding. My girlfriends boys are sleeping over and they are awake but both mine are down for the count but they are the trouble so that is okay. Yeah a pretty nice little Monday indeed.

We are going to start the knit night thing it should be great. Other then that not much going on. I am just past the heal on my sisters boring army sock and almost have it out the door so I can start on my fun springy socks. :) Well great people I am going to go eat a nice piece of cheese cake complements of the lovely Lynn. Go work on knitting your cat sweaters I will see you here tomorrow.

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