Tuesday, March 25, 2008

finally down to some yarn and knittin

Well guys here is one project in the works and here is the newest additions to the stash not the stash but the newest favorite additions. I am very excited to get my sisters boring army socks done and bust into that yummy spring yarn. I could use some cheery springy feet couldn't we all. well I have about 30 rows of knit left til the toe I am on the home stretch. Shelby and Evea are playing together on the bed and Ben is rushing around like a chicken with his head cut off getting ready for work.

We had the best lunch ever and it was super simple. yum yum yum. I picked a night for knit night and just need to reserve the room. I am sooo excited. I can't wait. I think while Ben is at work today I am going to clean and put away some knick knacks and display some yarn around the house instead. We will see. Anyway. I must need to go back to work I just don't have much cranky sauciness in me. I need something to get me worked up lol. I have been too tired and sick tooo long I am not as evil as usual. I hope you guys enjoy the pics of progress. Thanks to the lovely ladies who helps enhance my stash :)

I am off to walk the cat.

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