Thursday, January 30, 2014

things I miss and things I don't miss about pregnancy.

 I wrote this list at the end of my pregnancy and since today max is 5 months I thought I would share it! 
Me at 39w

Things I will miss:
Having a built in table for my ice cream/ cereal
feeling the baby move
feeling like you and the baby share some great secret because its just the two of you
the glow

Things I won't miss;
being kicked from the inside
trying to sleep through being kicked (ummm still happens just from the outside) 
swollen hands and feet
mega thick hair (still got it lol) 
not being able to reach things because my belly was holding me soo far back.

Things not to take forgranted:
rolling over in bed
sleeping the whole night
not hitting my belly on everything 
bending over
shaving the backs of my legs
sleeping on my belly or back
wind, beer, and margaritas
having a inny
reaching my feet,
real medications (still can't have those)
hot tubs
blue cheese
lunch meat

new hair cut

I finally made a appointment to cut my hair.  I have been sick of it for a while now.  Even though my thyroid is off and I am losing hair like crazy it is still soo long and thick it was giving me headaches and I had to keep it up all the time so max didn't grab it.  So I made the plung.  I thought I would share some of my old hair styles for the new comers to show how far my hair has come in the last 4 years.  I will show some of my favorite styles.
This was august  2010 (less then a week after my breast reduction) This was my stock cut for a while there It was easy and cute and I was going to the gym all the time so that was important.

 This was new years eve that same year

This was march 2011 my thirtieth birthday.
Now these were this summer when I was still pregnant with max.
 This is when I could just scruch it and use some beach spray.
 Some head band curls.  I had trimmed and grown it out for a few years and it was actually a bit longer then this yesterday when I went in.
Here is the end product.  I debated going back to my short style but I went for a in between because I wanted to be able to pull it back still.  I love short hair but my hair is soo stick straight that if I don't style it every day I just look awful. 

Since then I touched up my front angle and thinned it a smidgen more because you can't see it but the back is awful and super crazy thick.  I might go short this spring who knows but for now I need anything that can give this minne-snow-dah girl some more warmth considering it is a record cold this year.  (many many below 0 temps in my area)  Have a good duy guys and to all my northerners stay warm.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

daily makeup tools

These are my favorite brushes/ tools I use on a daily bases. I will also share with you some coastal scents brushes I ordered during their 40% off sale and give them a quick review  I am going to go from left to right

My angled blush brush I got this from nessas naturals and I always use this one for powder blushes, my elf stippling brush I use it for cream bronzer to contour everyday it gives the perfect amount of give not to mess up your foundation underneath and to blend perfectly, a travel powder brush from mary kay.  I love this one for powder contouring and highlighting, spoolie for my brows. a pencil brush from my beaute set great for the darker color in the outer corner,a angled brush for my brows, the next two I use for packing color onto my lid.  One is flat and smaller for more precise application and the other is more fluffy and thick, the black handled one is a blending brush from coastal scents and it rocks it seems these haven't come with brushes I bought lately and I use them allot so I bought two since it was 40% off the whole site and they were like 1.50 and I love them. The next is the mary kay version of that brush I have had my mary kay brushes for like ten years they have held up great and are tried and true. next is my elf contour brush.  I don't use this to contour at all I use it to blend out cream shadow and sometimes for concealer.  It is a great brush.  I ordered a eyelash curler from forever 21 for stocking stuffer and this little inexpensive bad boy has rocked.  Love it.  Another 100% must in my daily routine is my real techniques makeup sponge.  They are at ulta and are a 100% dupe for the beauty blender but has a better shape in my opinion and wait for it....its 5.00$!!!!!!!   Yeas like 20$ cheaper then a beauty blender.  This applies foundation with out it getting cakey it gives a smooth flawless finish and blends concealer beautifully too.

I thought I would throw this in there these are the brushes I ordered off coastal scents.  I ordered two classic blender crease synthetic brushes @1.49 each these are awesome great quality and exactly what I expected. a classic buffer large synthetic @8.97 I wanted this for foundation and it works well with my maybelline dream smooth mouse which is one of my preferred winter foundations for my dry skin and a
Classic Pointed Precision Synthetic @ 2.97.  This was smaller then I thought it would be but it still works well I use it to blend out concealer although I don't like it under my eyes and use my makeup sponge for that.   I for sure will be ordering more next time there is a sale :)

Well I hope you guys are having a great day.  I am off to take care of the high maintenance  little dude :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

life with kids../my day in a nutshell

It is no secret that I am a youtube addict.  Well I just ran across the best thing ever.  It is hilarious.  This dad reenacts actual conversations he has with his two year old daughter using a full grown man.  My absolute favorite one is a two part episode about pants.  I agree wholeheartedly with the poor girl.  I hate pants they just aren't comfortable to me and as soon as I get home I am wearing a dress maybe yoga pants or leggins.  Anyway here is episode one.

and episode two

So there is a brief glance into my life every day.  I hope you guys got as big a laugh out of this as me. :) Happy friday people.:D

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

beaute basics 24 pc. professional brush set

 I ordered a brush set off of groupon before christmas.  It was 30$ for a 150 $ brush set I couldn't pass it up.  I had to share the quality and review it for you guys.  This is the roll it came in.

This is how it came packaged. 
There are three eyebrow tools a comb/brush a spoolie and a angled brush.
there is a eyeliner brush a smudger angled brush and a flat brush.
These are the eye brushes.a angled brush, a small fan brush ,a pencil brush, a few flat shader brushes (one is a lip brush but I wouldn't use it for that), a few fluffy angled brushes, some fluffy blending brushes, and fluffy shader brush.
These are the face brushes. a powder brush, a blush brush, a large fan brush, another blush brush, a paddle foundation brush, a concealer brush, and a medium fan brush.

The quality is good I did notice some shedding during the first washing but I think it is just for the first washing.  I could have gone with a few less fan brushes and angled brushes and add some blending brushes and some foundation blending brushes like a rounded kabuki or flat top kabuki.  Other then that a great buy for the money for sure. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

favorite home diys

I thought I would do a post showing some of my favorite diy refurbs from over the years.  I know I have done posts on some of them in the past if there is a before and after post I will have it linked ;).  They aren't in any certain order and I am going to to fast because I want to get this done before my little man wakes up from his nap..

my dresser This was a refub from a few years ago it was a process over time but I love this it was 25$ from goodwill I love this piece.

 This is my hubbies dresser it is beautiful and I love it too I haven't found knobs I would like to change it out with yet so I have just painted the original ones.
 My cedar chest I drug out of a barn at a antique shop.  I looked for one to go at the foot of my bed for ages this one was 30$. 
 My sofa table this was one of my original projects.  It was a hand me down from a gf.  I love the curves and the way it turned out.
 This isn't furniture but I loved this diy so much.  I took the pics my gf took and blew them up on plain printer paper and decoupaged them to wooden boxes.  The top is chalkboard.
 My lace side table.  I took my time and found lace that I really loved the pattern on and then used a pray adhsive to keep it still while I painted the silver paint over it.

 cabnet make over  This was a hand me down from my gf pat last year.  It took some vision to see what this could be compared to the original . By this point I had ribbed the card board out that covered the openings.

 kitchen table.  For sure one of my all time favorites.  This was a 5$ find at the goodwill.  My hubby thought that I was crazy when I gave away our kitchen table and brought this guy home.  It was in quiet a state back then. 

 And this little area by the front door.  The shelf and mirror were more goodwill finds.  I painted them I have some milk glass gifts from my knit gurus, a bouquet from my wedding and a p I covered in twine.
Well Those are some of my favorite diy/ refurbs from around the house.  I hope you enjoyed them

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

oragnizing and protecting my ornaments

 I have been taking tons of picture and have tons of ideas for posts to share with you guys but I have a high maintenance little boy on my hands.  He currently has rsv and is sick because a coworkers children kept coughing on him last week!!!  I am a FIRM  believer in teaching your kids to cough and sneeze into their elbow (no one wants your germs people) So now this is what I have beside me at the very second in my bed. 
One thing I wanted to share with you guys is how a reorganized storing my christmas ornaments. I have been doing some hard core down sizing and reorganizing around here to help streamline things.  This was one project I wanted to get done. I normally wrap them all in tissue paper and it is a hot mess to deal with.  This year I grabbed a few apple boxes from my hyvee and cut them into pieces and hot glued clear cups onto them.  I stored all the smaller breakable ones on one
 Then stacked some of the non breakable flat ones on top

 then I had two peices of box left and I used these for the taller ones that are higher then the cups.
 I then stacked the other piece on top to protect these
After that i had a few pieces from inside the apple boxes and I used them for some of the bulbs and less breakable ornaments.
 Stacked the other on top.
 I stacked the cup/ cardboard pieces first then the apple box pieces this helps protect them more. 

It worked out soo well it was prefect.  I have them all in there safe and sound.