Wednesday, August 14, 2013

maxs finished nursery

Okay since it is wednesday and I do my weekly pregnancy update I thought it would be a good day to also put up the post with Max's finished room.  Since we got the last of the stuff this weekend and powered it out over the weekend the room is now finished and ready for little max to come home.   It is a little room that is attached to our room so it is perfect.
 Okay so when you walk in this is what you see.
We have the rocker in the same spot.  We have the baby monitor set up and I have a lamp for late night feedings.  The cute little name canvas's I made here and the buntings I made here.

 I have the umaro blanket I knit here to snuggle him with.
By that is the crib.  I made him some cute puffs that hang over it and stuck up the fun wall decals.  His boppi is hanging on the corner so the cat can't use it. 
 There is the taggy I made him :)
Here is the duvet cover I made him here.
Here is the opposite side.

 Here is another cozy little blanky I made for him.
He has a cute little mobile my sister in law gave us at the baby shower.

 In this corner is the shelf unit we made into a little make shift closet for the little guy.  Since this room is technically a den or office it doesn't have a closet so we made one.  In between the crib and closet is a bouncy seat.  I covered it with a blanky because I washed everything this weekend and if I don't it will be covered in cat hair again!  I will put more about the shelf unit in another post showing how to do it.  It was easy and cheap.
The next wall is still mine.  I had took keep a bit of girl cave. (a girl has to have some place to do here make up and sew).  So it is my makeup sewing nail stuff all that.
Next wall has his changing table.   His clothes and blankets and shoes and what not are in baskets below with tags.  There is also some more of the bunting.
 Here is a basket of burp clothes I sewed for him and the muslin blanket from by gf Deirdre.

On top of  it is a basket of  diapers and burpie cloths, some wipes, and a teddy fire monster picked out for Max.  On the shelf is some of our favorite cardboard books.  The flowers are the bouquet from my wedding.
So there you have it the finished product of Max's room.
I love it and can't wait for the little guy to come home so he can use it.  We are all ready for out sweet baby to be here :)  

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