Friday, August 9, 2013

friday favorites

 I had a pretty good week and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys for...First off and if you know me you know this is coming...SHARK WEEK YO...
 Shark week is like Christmas in our house.  We wait all year for this.  It is running 24/7 in my home and we all love it.  This year we even rocked shark week nails (0r my poor attempt at anyway lol) You can find the post where I put the tutorial to the real nails here (hers are much better then mine I swear)
I did the Shark week nails sunday and by yesterday they were just starting to chip and need redone so while me and fire monster watched soul surfer I repainted my nails and I did this.. Which I love it is all wet and wild polishes. The teal and silver are fergie polishes in Miami spirit, and going platinum, and the black is ebony hates chris.
While we are on beauty related favorites I am trying a new look today and loving it.  I am going to link a tutorial later this week.  It is bright sunset colored eyes.  
It uses this fergie wet and wild palette in desert festival.

I love wet and wild if you are new to my blog or the beauty world, they are not the wet and wild you used when you were a kid.  The shadows are mac quality and dirt cheap.  They are amazing and if you haven't tried them you really need to.  My lips are wet and wild too. 
 It is a new but favorite combo of  fergie daily lip stick
It is a great matte nude that is creamy and not dry feeling at all but it is a tiny bit too nude on my skin tone so I line my lips first with jordana baby berry lip pencil.
I have 3 beverage related favorites.  The first is this new flavor of sparkling ice.  It is peach nectarine and it is sooooo yum.  I love it

 Another favorite is these Seattle best coffee drinks!!  They are 2.68 at walmart and they are by the smoothie section.  Now if you don't live by a starbucks or caribou these are pretty much just as good.  They are kind of coffee like ice cubes and you add milk and blend them.  Each packet makes two of this size and they are only 130 cal! Amazing love love love this.  The vanilla and Carmel are my fav so far
Another fav is this.  I got the big glass mug from shopco a while back and then me and my hubby worked together and made some lids that are just like it out of canning lids.  I have been using them non stop. The girls have been using them to drink out of regular jars but But this last week I found little baby glass mason jar mugs with handles at runnings( a local farm/sporting goods store) for 1.69 a piece!. They are perfect for my monkeys and they have been loving them.  I will put up a tutorial for that later this week.  It is sooo easy and cheap.
 Another friday favorite/ life favorite is this amazing man!!  We were out buying school supplies yesterday for my baby girls first real school year and he snuck a new shower head into the cart for me :)  He is soo sweet.  We have a TINY stand up shower in our master bath and it is soo hard for me to get clean and shave my legs and everything with my huge baby bump in the way so he grabbed it for me.  I hooked it up last night and me and fire monster already tested it out and loved it!
This is a friday favorite too.  Snuggling my baby girl and getting some quality time.  Monkey butt is at her dads for her last visit before school and this girl sometimes feels bad like she is missing out.  Her sis goes away for a weekend or week and goes fun places and comes home with all kids of things she got bought and all she got to do way lay around with her big as a house mama and watch shark week lol.  Poor thing.

 She can bee allot of work but she is sooo sweet and loving you can help but forgive her.
 She is soo ready to be a big sister too.
 So since my hubby went to bed early last night me and her went on a mommy daughter date.  She eats up the attention.

 This sweet guy is a friday favorite she had been breaking out on his head and around his mouth and head and itch.  I figured it was a allergic reaction to the food he was on.  We traded them to 9 lives this winter and after doing some research I found out its not good for kitties and the main ingredient is corn which can cause allergy issues so I traded him back to beyond one and his handsome little face is already almost cleared up a week later!

 now this rotten little boy is not a favorite he is on my list.  I decided I should have named him jaws this week!  He is like a great white he is grey on his back white on his billy and the last thing you see before you get bit is the white tip of his tail a.k.a. dorsal fin.  He has been a pain all week wiether it is relaxing knitting and looking down to see his eyes dialate right before he attacks, a surprise attack from under the bed as you are going to sleep, or sitting down after a long day to hear him fishing in the toilet splashing water everywhere!  Then you forget about that and since I am 9 months pregnant and have no memory and have to pee every two seconds go on in and plop down and the soaked toilet seat. 

 I also bought them a new water dish because he uses their water bowl as a hockey puck and gets water everywhere, which ticks my hubby off because he falls in the puddle numerous times a week.  So I being the smart lady I am bought then a water dish with the bottle attacked thinking he couldn't knock it every where and play with it.  Ooooh was I wrong.  He has fun for hours a day splashing the water out with his paws just like he does from the toilet!  He can empty that bottle in a day!   So this little man is not a favorite but he is cute and loves the kids so we keep him lol.

But the last favorite for the week is the Tickle commercial on discovery.  To be specific my favorite part is about 17 seconds in where the guy yells moon shine fight and nails the guy right in the face at close rang with a water balloon full of moon shine!!  Lol I can't help but crack up every time.  I thought I was going to die the first time I saw it lol.

That is it for my Friday favorites.  But I have some errands to run before we head off to Sioux falls, sd to get the last baby stuff, and school stuff and just plain things we can't get in town before next week hits and I am not allowed to leave town.  I hope you guys have a great day and what were your friday favorites for the week.

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