Wednesday, August 7, 2013

36 week update

Okay so this is 36 weeks.  I am 9 months...and I feel it.  I am exhausted yet can never stay comfortable long enough to get sleep.  Last night I was sleeping snuggling my hubby and he said Max was kicking him in the back so hard it was like getting a back massage!  He couldn't figure out how I can sleep through that...the answer..I don't.  Not well anyway.  Other then that we had a ultra sound today and Max is head down!!  He is 5 pounds 14 oz. and still moving all over the place.

 I have been exhausted and sitting around watching shark week all week long.  I finished a pair of kindergarten socks for Fire monster during shark week.  We also had another surprise visit from grandma and grandpa and went to the beach to take the girls fishing. It was a nice visit.  Here is a pic of max's face from the ultrasound today.

Other then all that it has been a quiet lazy week enjoying shark week.  I did try to capture a video of him moving yesterday but every time I would start taping something would happen like the guy on shark week would start talking about the amount of sperm in the shark, or fire monster was throwing a fit in time out.  In the end I took what I could get lol  Tomorrow is the weeks drs appt.  Have a good one guys.

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