Wednesday, August 14, 2013

37 week update.

Okay guys we are here 37 week update.  This week was a busy one.  We finished the baby shopping and babies room.  I am still having headaches and bloody noses.  No end to that in sight.  We had lots of mommy daughter time because monkey butt was having her last summer visitation at her dads.  I have still been on the watermelon and icee kick.  I could live off those two foods I swear to you lol.  I am super exhausted.  I usually cry once a day usually for pretty much no reason.  but I have traded to water proof mascara and eyeliner just for that reason.  This is just how 9 months pregnant is...exhausting and emotional.

 Although this pregnancy has been a breeze compared to the one with fire monster, I haven't been happy with my physician and that has been a source of stress for me.  The appointments are awkward inappropriate and  the answers I get are things like "Its probably just because your old" (um I am 32) or last week when I asked about my allergies causing my bloody noses and what I should do "you probably shouldn't have anymore kids" I didn't realize that my allergies effected my reproduction!  I have come to dread the appointments and rarely bother with calling with issues. Which is both sad and ridiculous since this person is paid to provide my medical care.

I live in a smaller community where at our hospital who ever is on call when you go into labor is who delivers.  So even if I had traded obgyn's I would have 1/3 chance getting that o.b. anyway.   The other option is Sioux falls which is hour and half away!  I went from 3-10cm in half hour with my second I don't have the choice to risk that.  I had wonderful Doctors with fire monster and Monkey butt and was soo lucky.  I wish I could have my old doctor back.   But it is what it is and I am just going to keep my head up and hope a different o.b. is on call when I go into labor.  (sadly yes I would rather have a stranger deliver my baby).

Sorry for the rant but on to the next thing.  I have to cook dinner for the family :)  

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