Monday, August 12, 2013

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 It had been quiet a while since I did a makeup haul but I was really waiting for some of the awesome new things I had been hearing about to make it to town.  One thing I had been waiting to get my hand on was these..
 The remmil show off lip lacquers.  (or as they call them in the u.k. the appocalips way freaking cooler name)  I found them at a walgreens in Sioux falls sd.  I also grabbed one of my awesome soho makeup sponges, a jordana 12 hour liner in purple, and a jordana fabuliner
 Here are some swatches for you from top to bottom: remmil show offs Luna, Nova,Celestial, and Big bang. (these are great I wish I would have got two pinks that were a bit less alike but I am loving them the are called a liquid lipstick.  They have the coverage of a lipstick but the feel of a lip gloss. They are comfortable on the lips and don't get sticky at all.  I wore big bang all day today)Jordana 12 hour to last purple fix liner(this was way prettier in person and when washing this swatch off this took some rubbing!), and jordana fabuliner a good easy to use felt tip liner that is cheap and cheerful at 2$ and they were buy one get one half off so was the remmil which ran 5$
 At kmart I grabbed these.  I had been hearing great things about the jordana blushes I got sandy beaches,redwood these were 2.49 each  . I grabbed a fergie wet and wild lipstick in fergie daily 2.99 (love this) and remmil scandal eyes shadow stick in tempting turquoise 3.49  ( love the liners and wanted a bright blue I thought this would be great for when I want to line my lower lash line with a bright color.
 I swatched those for you.  The right is fergie daily  It is a great pinky matte nude it is creamy and not drying, the the remmil shadow stick these are great creamy and waterproof, sandy beaches blush it is a great coral with a nice sheen to it, redwood is a more intense red and more matte.  The jordana blushes are quiet pigmented and have quiet the lasting power.  I think the have the best lasting power out of all the drug store blushes I have tried.
 Another thing I grabbed from kmart was these two nail polishes.  They are both wet and wild one is limited edition one is fergie.  The limited edition one I can't remember the name for and It is all the way down stairs and that is allot to ask from this pregnant mama soo...but the fergie one is Miami spirit and it is the one I used for leopard nails this weekend and I LOVE it!

 At shopko I grabbed a few wet and wild shadow pallets.
This is the wet and wild fergie desert festival palette I believe this was 5$.  I used this for the sunset tutorial.

 Here are swatches from that one.
 This is a limited edition pallet and it is called to muse and carouse. This ran 2.99
 It is okay a bit powdery I don't know how much use I will get out of this one but It is fun none the less.
I grabbed a few art brushes from joanns for make up brushes. 

One I think I will really love is the angled brush because look at the thickness of one of my other angled brushes on the left and the art brush on the right!!  It is way thinner and will there for be way better for gel liner.
 I had to share with you what fire monster did to my brand new makeup sponge!!!  You will notice it isn't even used yet!!!  I was soo mad because there is no where around here that carries them and I won't be able to leave town to get one until after the baby when even I feel like I can travel the at least hour and half to get a new one!!!
So that is pretty much what I got.  I am pretty happy with most of the purchases.  I

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