Sunday, March 30, 2008


That explains things the best I can today. Eeeeh. I spent the morning yesterday at work helping out. Then took advantage of the gift card Ben gave me not for a massage but a very needed pedicure. It is sooo smartly named, Pedi-cure. I think they can cure almost anything. If you are feeling bad and need a pick me up a pedi- cure can do the trick. I am a firm believer in them. It was not the best I had ever had. I think the person you get can make a huge difference. I like someone who is going to talk to me and not make me sit there awkward. I wonder if it is rude to start requesting a certain type of personality for a pedicurist??? what do you think? I do not think so not at all. I want someone who will put me at ease. That is what it is all about after all right. but back to the point after that i went back to work did some more work then I was invited to hang out with my girlfriend Angela and her family but I decided the way my head was feeling it was best if I just go home and crash. So I went home finished my toe on my sock and did just that.

So yes you heard me right I finished my socks. The lagoon smooshy sockyarn embossed leaves socks spent the night in a vinegar bath and were still a little bleedy so I went out bought more vinegar nooked them and then washed them again towel wrung and a bit in spin cycle and are hanging to dry in boo boos bathroom waiting for tomorrow as we speak!!! I am very excited but even more exciting is that I have started my on your toes spring Jaywalker socks. I am liking the yarn okay so far. Pattern is cute but the yarn does split quiet a bit so I need to be careful esp. with my little sharper knit picks needles which I love by the way big thumbs up there. I truly do not have much to rant or rave about today. My head is still excruciating and other then that I have not got much else going on. I am knitting and not touching the twenty billion loads of laundry that are laying around my house. I will just pretend they aren't there.

Boo boo the butt monkey just returned from a visit at her dads and is hanging out having down time in her room and fire monster is asleep.... oooh here is the first chance for our game...wheres she asleep in the car....wheres she asleep on the bar.....where ev....???? who is going to win the were is ev sleeping today game?? Prize will be given to first correct guesser tomorrow at knit group (if it is someone in my knit group i guess i assume no one else reads this lol) Well people I am going to go relax and knit I have what has the potential to be a good week coming up ...payday, knit group, and I have knit night also coming up. So even though i work my 3 day week this week I will have a extra dose of love from my knit ladies to get me through. :) well off to work on my jaywalkers. and leave my blinders on

ps I am a horrible cat owner naughty spent all day locked in a closet yesterday and was released only to find we had forgot to buy him more food! we did rush out and get the poor guy food and give him a extra helping. he also tried to climb in fire monsters bed last night and sleep at her feet. ever since she was scratching him by the ear one day last week he has really taken shine to her. Here is a picture of the bed bug himself sleeping inside my bed spread

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good lord people I should have known...

Well You know how yesterday I was like oh things are great why do I ever freak out nothing has happened in for ever life is under control...well my jaw popped out of the socket yesterday!!! I was on the phone with my aunt and pop my jaw was out of the socket and I couldn't get it back in. I had to call the nurse hot line they told me to call my husband get him home and get some one to watch my girls. Well I did what I always do when I am hurt and need to call for help freak out and cry for like 30 seconds then called ben he set stuff up to come home then I called my sweet sweet guardian angel Valarie who drove a half hour at 9 at night with no notice to watch my monsters.

So I went in and brought my knitting of coarse thinking urgent care this could be days should I bring another pair of socks to start. Well that was the shortest trip to the er ever!!! I was half way through a short row heel and I didn't even get it done! Kudos to apple valley m. c. by the way. A Dr saw me pretty much right away. Felt in my jaw apparently it had pop ed back in and My t.m.j. is going to be sore for a few weeks. (and sore it is that is for dang sure). I got some pain meds Rx and I came home popped them had a great dinner of malt o meal and went to bed.

I did work today and attempted some soft solid foods but my jaw has popped out of joint a few times again tonight. Maybe this liquid diet thing is just someones way of telling me to quit eating so damn much all the time. That it is time to shed those post baby pounds. I am going to pop my night guard in take a bunch of Advil and go to sleep. I had the harsh realization of how old I am getting slap me up side the head today that is for sure. I have to have subtitles on to watch movies or I can't hear what the people on movies are saying for the life of me, can't drive for squat at night, not to mention a half hour road trip and my narcolepsy kicks in, I have to take Metamucil ( i refuse to do my grandmas kind I do capsules) and jaw falls off. what the heck people. What is next cataracts? hip replacement? I am tired and need to get some sleep so I can function tomorrow. I have got to go put in my mouth guard and put my hair up in rollers and check on the cat. I spilt the poor cats food and decided to just leave it there instead of measuring his food like I always do. Lets hope he made out well on the deal and got more then the recommended half a cup.

Well thank you again Valarie You had me at hello, you are the wind beneath my wings, you complete me, here's looking at you kid. If I could give you a boquet it would look like this.

the moment you have been waiting for

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hurry fire monster is down for a nap...

Okay So I am sneaking in my blog today while the little fire monster is down for a nap and you would all be so proud of me. We should play a game sorta like the wiggles. Wheres Jeff song. lol where is fire monster sleeping today... That is a thought and I could give a prize for the winner lol. But we won't start that today because no one would ever guess. she is in her....bed who would have thunk it huh. I am entertaining the idea that she might be teething. She has been a bear at night. I am hoping she is down for a good long nap because she just ate like a pig two tiny helpings of cereal with bananas and a four ounce bottle!!!
Anyway the ugly kosovo army socks are done and so is community service for the month wooo hoo. Now I have been ordered to finish my embossed leaves before I can move on to my yummy spring Jaywalkers by boo boo the butt monkey. I am going to put a slide show of her on too but I am making you guys wait for her. One a day.
I put together a picture of what my Easter basket should look know in case my hubby should happen upon this page and then he will know what I really want. Not expensive jewlery/pinapples that resembles a pineapple slightly (my knit ladies know what I mean) and not a set of kitchen knifes. I am sure some one at a yarn shop some where can point him to the sock yarn you can't go wrong for me lol. I have a sink of dish's waiting on me, god knows how many baskets of laundry to put away and according to my chore chart it is vacuum day but do any of you ladies think I am actually going to do any of that during nap time??? No not a chance I am going to hide and knit feverishly on my embossed leaves so I can work on my new yummy yarn. I figure I unloaded the dish washer, made the bed, grocery shopped, cooked lunch and got the fire monster down for a nap hmmmm.... sounds like break time to me.
I better get to it besides I just remembered the cat has been shut in the bathroom for a few hours since my husband did it to carry in groceries. oooopppps. Good thing he is a good sport.

fire monster slide show

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

finally down to some yarn and knittin

Well guys here is one project in the works and here is the newest additions to the stash not the stash but the newest favorite additions. I am very excited to get my sisters boring army socks done and bust into that yummy spring yarn. I could use some cheery springy feet couldn't we all. well I have about 30 rows of knit left til the toe I am on the home stretch. Shelby and Evea are playing together on the bed and Ben is rushing around like a chicken with his head cut off getting ready for work.

We had the best lunch ever and it was super simple. yum yum yum. I picked a night for knit night and just need to reserve the room. I am sooo excited. I can't wait. I think while Ben is at work today I am going to clean and put away some knick knacks and display some yarn around the house instead. We will see. Anyway. I must need to go back to work I just don't have much cranky sauciness in me. I need something to get me worked up lol. I have been too tired and sick tooo long I am not as evil as usual. I hope you guys enjoy the pics of progress. Thanks to the lovely ladies who helps enhance my stash :)

I am off to walk the cat.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Not bad for a monday

Well bloggers, I had a pretty nice little Monday. My sister took me to lunch for my birthday. Then I went to knit group which is always lovely. I gave a present and got a couple presents and some lovely cards. Some great cheese cake and the added bonus that today we traded where our group meets to a way better location was great. I got a great fix of my lovely ladies and I have some new spring sock yarn calling my name. I also got some new yoga pants that fit wonderful. You know it is a good day when you find pants that you love the way they fit.

My husband took the kids so me and my girlfriend could enjoy knit group and he also gave me a great card apologising for being such a dope about my birthday. He gave me chocolate and a gift card for a hour massage!!! He knows the way to my heart. I am very very excited. My ear is still killing esp after putting the fire monster to bed. She screams right in it and I swear it is just going to start bleeding. My girlfriends boys are sleeping over and they are awake but both mine are down for the count but they are the trouble so that is okay. Yeah a pretty nice little Monday indeed.

We are going to start the knit night thing it should be great. Other then that not much going on. I am just past the heal on my sisters boring army sock and almost have it out the door so I can start on my fun springy socks. :) Well great people I am going to go eat a nice piece of cheese cake complements of the lovely Lynn. Go work on knitting your cat sweaters I will see you here tomorrow.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy eatser and ding dong my munchkins are free again

The circus tent is down and the elephant poo is cleaned up

Well People it was a long weekend. I am exhausted. I didn't have a whole lot of funny left in me at the end of the day. Those people can suck it out of me like a ardvark in a anthole. Speaking of which they have become aggressive... they have started to bite(the ants not the in laws). I have had three bites in the last week and I have seen one of the little buggers in my bed. I am under attack. I don't know what to do. I am exhausted. My mother in law took off the first day she was here for the entire evening. She invited a drug buddy over (with out asking to invite someone to my home) then when he got here told my daughter she was going to smoke a cigarette and took off in the car with this guy we realised a hour and a half later when my sister inlaw went home and she still wasent back. Then a hour and a half after that once i got the girls to sleep and cried to a friend I decided I would lock the door pull on pjs and knit it out. she has the keys to her guest sweet room on 3rd floor and to get into the building she is a big girl.

Then she called my husband on his way home and told him she was gone one hour and I locked the doors!!! I was angry. but in the morning (my birthday) I got up showered and told my husband me and the girls were leaving to do something fun for my birthday he could come or wait for his mom to arouse from her druggie drunken haze and he went but then we had to bring him back he told my sister in law and me he would talk to his mom and surprise surprise he did not the entire weekend. The little time me and my husband did leave the house for we mainly drove with him repeating over and over what should we do and he wouldn't even let me knit in the car. It was lame yet again this year. The same husband I loved and adored and gushed about the other day I am sorely disappointed in today yet another birthday with out so much as a card much a less a plan of action such as a restaurant chose or anything. i am low maintenance but come on.

I am tired cranky and still trying to knit the bitterness out myself. I am going to either have to wait til late tonight or get up early in the morning to go clean the stinky old smoky haggardness out of the guest sweet up stairs. My husband owes me huge so he is going to take boo boo the butt monkey and my girlfriends two boys swimming while we knit at knit group tomorrow. I am going to also suggest a knit night once a month to my ladies where I rent the room upstairs for the evening and we can bring snacks and cozy up on the couches and thing in the community room and maybe have and glass of wine and some snack's and get away. who knows. I am soooo tired and have been ranting tooo long. They are gone and my days can only get better. I will get a good dose of real loving grandmas for my girls at knit group tomorrow who actually know my girls and love them unconditionally So I look forward to seeing them and telling them how much I love and appreciate them. :) Speaking of which a very happy birthday to one of the best val.. we all love you and I hope you got a great well deserved b-day. Well off the knit some of my community service. Let me tell you if things keep up me and the cat are moving out. here is the cheery part of my post to make up for the bitter bitchiness.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy drunkin circus has come to town

Okay people. SO the in laws have landed. I am exhausted It has been quiet the day already. My husband took off right away this morning to plow I have seen him a total of 5 minutes all day. He is at his real job now. I am digging frantically through the cupboards for a toaster. First we drive half hour to bank then we drop my 13 year old sister in law off at a friends for the night. Well we run to one store eat lunch which is when things start to go down hill with boo boo the butt monkey she got a time out. well we make one last stop and it is target for milk and formula and in the check out line butt monkey informs me she would like to separate. .. you know like when a mom and dad don't live together (i now see this is from enchanted) but I said okay just where do you think you will live? With Ben. I informed her that he does live with me so she gets it in her head that she is going to move to my girl Friend Angela's for 6 weeks.

Well she goes home packs numerous target bags and tells Angela she is waiting in the garage even though Angela has told her numerous times she isn't coming to get her. This goes on for a good two hours. I throw her in the tub. My lovely sister in law (Bernie the other one ) shows up and trys to convince Shelby to hang out with her. No dice I will see you another time is all she gets. Well She wonders the house buck naked eating pizza for a long while eating pizza (don't even ask) But when she is done a fight in sues that leaves her angry in her bed still buck naked because I won't pick out clothes. Some how she is unpacked the tantrum is cleaned up all is well again.

I also spent a good portion of my afternoon on a treasure hunt for full length pants because while I was sick Ben was doing laundry. So I can find no full length pants. So I guess I am back to searching for my toasters. Thank god Bernie is the one normal in law I have in a sea of crazy even if she is sorta like a life raft with a hole. Well I am cooking dinner...its the cat.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay people I am sick. My cold has taken a turn for the worse. I started to get the body aches and a temp overnight and went in first thing this morning. I have a ear infection and sinus infection. I was pretty sure in the middle of the night when I woke up from dreams of being in horrible painful car accidents that I hurt every where that I was turning into a zombie. It got me thinking allot about zombies. I was wondering was I bitten and didn't know it or was it from a medical perspective (via I am legend) or did some one cough a single fleck of blood in my eye (28 days later) and was I dead or dying then would come back as a zombie or simply my husband and four month old would roll over and I would be a zombie all of a sudden raging and insane after their brains. Anyway I figure if I was misdiagnosed you will be able to tell which zombie is me because a ball of yarn will be trailing behind me and my knitting needles will be dangling from my dead hands.

Well I needless to say not much knitting done today maybe a few rows on my sock but I have spent as much of the day unconscious as possible. I had to run to boo boo the butt monkeys first ever parent teacher conference today and she was a complete scholar (no surprise) I am very proud but by the time I got home my whole body hurt again so drugs and bed. I just re drugged and once they kick in I am crawling back into my bed full of used tissues to sleep more. My sweet hubby I forced to stay home from work to look after the fire monster and boo boo the butt monkey so I can research antidotes for turning into a zombie and sleep all day. I sent him out for bee movie to entertain the butt monkey and I am legend and Dan in real life for me. I am sincerely hoping my body stops hurting long enough for me to bathe.

Sorry to disappoint you bloggers but I am going to crawl back from under the rock that i came and sleep this off. The cat is out of luck lets hope my hubby feeds him so he doesn't eat the children. (speaking of which don't worry house fire was averted he got fast food for dinner)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the ants go marching...

Oh my god people I am not going to mess around today it is straight to business. It is the time of year I hate. The ants have yet again invaded our apartment and are taking over. I am no doubt going to be carried away in my sleep by the little buggers any day now. I am really unhappy about the little things crawling through every room and every crevasse this year because of the four month old rash covered little fire monster in the living room that will be crawling soon and no doubt will be surviving off a regular diet of all the little ants she will shove into her mouth every time I turn my head. I am seriously considering tossing a tent over this joint at night and just bug bombing the crap out of the place and just calling all the circus freaks I call neighbors that will be lost in the ordeal plus in the whole mess. :)

So yeah well at least things are looking up the most exciting thing just happened you guys aren't gonna believe this one. I just ran to target with the girls to buy the machine that is Disney's latest must have and when I checked out i was informed I could win a gift card for 5000 dollars!!!! I could hardly contain myself I am just gonna check the mail every day this week I am sure it is on its way!!!! Speaking of mail my knit picks needles I am trying should be here any day. I am tooo excited and a few random skeins of sock yarn to give the old college try to also.

My poor hubby is out plowing before his realy job for the two thousandth time this season. I will get to enjoy the extra money for my birthday though. I am going to call and shamelessly beg my boss for Friday off for my birthday because as I told the lovely other women who works at the shop I will need to spend the morning hiding the toasters before the inlaws/drunkin circus my husband calls family comes to stay for the weekend so I am not tempted to draw a warm relaxing bath and invited one of the lovely shinny appliances in it with me. It is my belief that the crazy hypochondriac oatmeal knitter (who hear on out will be called the earth mother) he hired who has worked like 3 days in the last month and doesn't do a damn thing but complain when she is there that is when she shows up late if she even bothers to work should have to work. But we will see. (not that i have anything against oatmeal knitters I shop the the co-op tooo people and i think i once owned a pair of Birkenstock) Just this crazy self proclaimed "earth mother" Who shops at walmart and sams club. and I would be shocked if she even has a recycle bin.

I live with the recycling notzie we recycle at least as much as we throw away and have florescent light bulbs (which he is forever behind me turning off ) and as I mentioned we shop at the co-op and use cloth napkins and earth safe cleaning products. My husband is full on hippie. So please just because I do not choose to look like I own no hairbrush and do not smell like b.o. does not mean I am not a earth mother. I have many many lovely women in my knit group who I consider not only earth mothers but angels sent straight from god himself they are loving caring giving Wemon do not feel the need to be condescending and put people down at work all day because they are insecure of their failures.

Okay guys I had to come in and add to todays blog. I had to say how proud I am. My ex (shelbys dad) is having some issues with his parents (theirs not his) and I told him if he really needed it I would pick him up. I called my husband and just asked would he mind if my ex really wound up needing it if he could just crash over with my little girl in her room and he said no he wouldn't mind at all that it is shelbys dad and he is always welcome in our home and that he will do what ever he can to help. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of my husband to be that reassured and confident in our marriage and that caring that he would open our home up with out a thought like that. He is such a great guy.

Yes the same man who once stuck a corn dog (well more then once) in our toaster is the most amazing man I have even met and I think I love him more every day. I think I love him more for the fact I can tease him and laugh at him when he does things like cook the pizza on my wooden cutting board thinking it is a pizza stone (by the way it is gross I don't recommend it cutting board anyway pizza stone is good and it broke my cutting board in half lol) I just love him sooo much. I was putting dish's in the dish washer and washing some by hand and thinking you know a few years ago I would have dreamed of this life. A warm cozy place to live with my knitting and a few babies and a husband who takes out the garbage and does his share with out being asked and being loved for the crazy ranting lunatic that I am. I have a good life. I do.

You know when I blog I feel a little bit like a unsexy crazy knitting version of sara jessica parker from sex in the city with no fashion sense and covered in either yarn fiber or cat fur I am not sure which. Well I am off to work on my embossed leaves socks that I am knitting on smooshy sock yarn. I will send a pic of the progress. The fire monster (Evea 4 month old)is asleep in her boppi on the couch (uh huh yeah I know incompetent) and boo boo the butt monkey (shelby 4) is passed out mid playing with littlest pet shop in her bed. so I am going to sneak to my knitting and august rush. I really should work on the shrug I want to wear out for my bday this weekend. I have half a sleeve left to finish and I don't know what I am going to do the gage didn't fit my boobaliciousness. (cute shrug misti alpaca chunky in brown and some pink rowan kidshaze mohair.)

Well I am off people. Go feed your 10 cats I will see you back tomorrow same place same time

Monday, March 17, 2008

bahhhh I have alot to learn about how to link things so for a while it may sorta be a boring page til I learn how to add things and I don't know maybe read my comments and what not and no I am not illeterate just a bit brain fried from life. Speaking of which I am struggling to rub the sleep out of my eyes and get moving and slip into a chia induced state of euphria before I go into work at the yarn shop that I work at. I love my boss but he is a giant whirlwind of drama. He is overwhelming enough to almost leave me speechless. My husband is off to work yet again and my 4 month old is going to start screaming any second. Well here we go I have got 6 hours to go of insain rushing and crying and drama out the ying yang until the big pay off.... my knit group. ahhh sweet gloris haven of loving ladies. see ya bloggers

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So yeah I am pretty sure no one is even going to read this because I don't really have much to say but I lets just say it is a court ordered anger management courses suggestion for venting. Just kidding no court :) anyway. I am a busy mother of two monsters 4 years and 4 months. I got married over a year ago to my husband/best friends brother who I always thought was a hottie. is great, great husband great dad, great friend, bad rememberer. He isn't actually my four year olds birth father but you would never ever guess it. He is the best guy ever. Although I have threatened to kill him in horrible ways if he ever spills a full coffee cup on my light blue angora hat i had just blocked ever again.

I am surprised i have had this long to blog. by naught little 4 month old is asleep on the kitchen table in her car seat. Yeah yeah yeah i know I am a totally irresponsible neglectful horrible mother who should have her children snatched away immediately but hey I can see her from here and I got to shower and shave my legs for the first time since god knows when so I guess I just don't care if that is where she will sleep I will take it. My husband will be ex static to be able to see the skin of my legs again. I was just teasing one of my girlfriends that I should have saved the fleece i just shaved. I could have gave it to this mean catty oatmeal knitter that we know and she could make something out of it. :) just joking lol. She is mean and way crazy in a way only people who have been in a mental ward would understand. (I just visited a friend I swear).

So yeah I have never done this before but hey lets give it a whirl. If you hate me oh well I guess I will try to win you over with my catty witty banter but I make no promises. By the way I told my husband I started a knitting blog and he told me he wants a divorce lol I am just too big of a geek to stay married to. (he was kidding of coarse). This from a man who forgot a full load of groceries in the cart at target. (yes literally the whole load). Anyway I am going to watch scrubs and wait for the hate mail to start flowing in i guess. good night all my crazy knitters and for the love of god get a life (not 10th cat not a book about knitting for your cat a life lol)