Thursday, May 22, 2014

gwynnie bee review!

 So I always go up and down in weight and that has been even more so lately post baby.  I had lost all the weight but now am back up a bit (might have to do with my thryoid #s being way off...might have to do with mac and cheese my guess is a bit of both) but anyway that being said I was very curious when I saw a ad for Gwynnie bee.  It is sort of like netflix for clothes.  You can do up to 3 outfits at a time you send them back and get new ones.  For someone who varies in sizes quiet a bit this is a great idea.  They have everything from casual tops and maxi dresses, to work appropriate wear, to jeans, to dress outfits for events.  The part I love they are size 10 and up.  They have something for all of us average to curvy girls.  They are running a free month trial so I figured give it a shot.  

Start by measuring your self so you know what to order.  Then you go onto the website and start putting outfits into your closet (queue).  The more clothes you have in your closet the quicker they will mail your things out.  Once you send back a outfit you go on the site and click that you sent it back and they automatically mail your next one no waiting. Also if there is something you want to put in your closet but it is seasonal or dressy and you don't need it right now put it on hold until you do. :) 

My first three outfits came today.

 Here are the three that came I got a top and two dresses.
 This is a cute dress jessica howard.  It is polyester/spandex with a scoop neck.

 This is a faux wrap dress by inc.  It is cute but I should have ordered it a size smaller.  That being said it is comfy and cute and I will wear it for sure. 
 This is the igigi arabelle top in black.  This is soo stinking soft and comfy.  It has a flattering neckline with elastic in it so it doesn't fall down and open up on you and some ruffling in the front so it blouses around the mom tummy.  I am loving this shirt big time.
So there are my first three outfits.  My finally thoughts.  I LOVE it and can't wait to try more.  I am thinking this is soo great and only wishing I had a wedding or some fun event to go to this summer where I could use one of my fancy dresses in my closet lol. Hereis a link check it out and get your free month trial.  Start filling your closet with cute outfits.  Let me know if you give it a shot and what you think.

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