Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sewing projects

 I have had a few sewing projects I have been working on lately.  Let me preface this by reminding you I am a knitter not a sewer.  I have only been sewing off and on a few years and am pretty much self taught.  So don't judge.  Okay so the top of my list was a baby gift for a girl friend.  She had seen this..
 I made max this earlier this year from this tutorial
 and before people start in about how it isn't safe to have things in a car seat and blah blah was literally -40 a good part of the last 7 months!!!  My baby would literally have frozen and  this was thin enough I felt safe but thick enough it kept him warm and cozy.  I used fleece and flannel instead of two fleeces and batting like the tutorial called for.
Anyway  Dee wanted a car seat swaddler blanky for her baby girl she has on the way and n since I love her so much I stepped it up a notch and used minky and some adorable chevron flannel.  I also used the left over fabric to make some burp cloths for her.
Another sewing indevor I took on was a quilt!!  My first one.  I had saved the receiving blankets I got with Max and wanted to make a quilt with them.  I dug through pinterest for a pattern I thought I could maybe manage and I chose this one.  I took a sunday afternoon cut my fabric and set to work. 
  I used some of the left over fabrics from other things I made him and love like the tandem bikes and minky. 

I think it turned out cute especially considering it is my first every attempt at quilting. Last but not least is this cute little bugger. I was shopping for some cute flannel to go with the minky for dees blanky when I saw this prequilted fabric and I thought it was too cute to pass up.  So I grabbed what was left on the roll ( just over a yard I think) and used my coupon.
 I backed it with some matching satin.
It is cute and snugly and light enough for this time of year.  This is just the type of blanky my little Max loves.  So it is perfect.  speaking of which he is ready for nap time!  Have a good day guys.

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