Tuesday, May 6, 2014

home progess (revamped lamps and diy) and back porch

I have still been working on pulling things together around my new home.  One thing that came up was that the old residents had put in a dimmer switch down stairs and they aren't rated to work with florescent or led bulbs so it was getting hot!!  Very alarming.  So a electrician came and put in a regular switch.  That left us with only bright lights down stairs so we moved our floor lamp down to the family room and I went to the goodwill and lucked out on finding two matching ugly lamps.  These were originally dark green with a flower painted on them. I took the little doohickey off that goes around the light bulb painted them krylon sea glass and got two lamp shades from walmart for 12$ each. 

I have them on either side of the couch.
I think they are cute and give off the perfect amount of light.
This lamp was too cute to pass up so I grabbed it a shade for 7$ at walmart too.
Another project that went up in our livingroom dining room area was this.  I took a frame that used to be above our bed in the old house lined it in chicken wire and spray painted it in the same color as the lamps.  I think it is cute and it pulls things together well.
The weather has occasionally been cooperating lately,  So we have been turning out attention to the outside space.  We got some plants to add color. A few for the front step.
And some for the back.  We got hyacinths, pansies, violets, snap dragons, and tulips.  I will be planting the tulips and what not in the yard once the ground is ready.
I also got two of these cute guys and painted them.
We moved the palette bench up to the deck.  We gave the deck a good thorough power washing and fixed any lose spindles.  I took some beach  buckets and drilled holes in the bottoms and we used those as planters I think it is super cute.

We also cleaned up all the cigarette butts, dog poop, sticks and other junk from the yard.  Last but not least we hung a baby swing from the deck for this little guy.

I would say it was a big hit.
Have a good day guys.

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