Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Drugstore clearance haul/ review

I have a huge haul to share with you guys.  Our kmart is closing and before everything went on clearance they had a huge table of make up on clearance.  I went in and dug through it a few times and here is the haul from the last time I went.  I used I think two coupons and it came to 19$ for all of this.  And a few things weren't in the clearance bin but just things I needed.
 Okay lets start I swatched the polishes over my polish I had on.  I love the covergirl formula you can pretty much get away with one coat.  It is great stuff.  Here is the kicker though I sent my lovely daughter down to put this on our nail polish rack and they disappeared and I can't for the life of me remember their names.  I want to say the revlon was timeless, the cover girl ones aren't listed on their website so they must have been limited edition but I want to say always naked and crushed berries.  I hope I find them because I am dying to use them!

 As for the rest of the makeup.  I swatched it out for you.  Bottom is the loreal infallible in eternal sky its not a everyday shadow but I do love it and have worn it already. next is the wet and wild single in kitten it is nice as wet and wild always is and not as metallic as the loreal. Next is the remmil wake me up looks like would work okay as a highlight, The covergirl lip crayon I thought was going to have to wait for fall but it is actually a bit sheer and I love it the color is berry twist.  The wet and wild gel liner in plum...super disappointment.  It doesn't go on smooth and it erases it self if you try to go back over it.  So boo for that.
I also grabbed a clear brow gel and a few mascaras (I originally went for the almay one coat waterproof because I love the forumula but it smudges on me and the water proof still does!) Anyway I am glad I got to grab the stuff to try.  Have a good day guys.

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