Sunday, May 11, 2014

haute look nyx haul and review.

Nyx was on haute look last month and I had to place a order.  It was too good to pass up.  Haute look has some good sales but it does take literally like a month to get your stuff.  So keep that in mind.
I ordered the nyx butt naked eyes pallet and the wicked dreams pallet.

The butt naked eyes pallet comes with 15 eye shadows in both matte and shimmer. It also has a pull out underneath that has 4 blushes a bronzer, and two highlights.  The quality is good but you need a good primer and it cost me 15$
I swatched them for you by row.  This is the top row.
Middle row.
and bottom row.
bronzer and highlight. 
incase you want to see more of this pallet in action here is a video review of it by bailey b.
I have worn that pallet almost every day since I got it and I am super excited that it will be perfect for travel.  I will just have to pack mascara, foundation, and concealer.
Here is the wicked dreams pallet.
These swatches are a bit more sloppy I apologize.  I did them in order from left to right this is the first 5 rows.
and these are the last 3 rows.  This pallet was 9$ and it is great quality.  I used it the other day and it was very nice.  I would say use a good primer underneath though
here is a quick video review of that one.
Worth the money esp. if you can use a ulta coupon or grab on haute look (even though they drive me crazy taking soo long to ship).

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