Thursday, October 16, 2014

easy spot cleaning for make up brushes

 I have been out sick all week slacking off.   I have that may respiratory bug that's going around.   So I haven't had much to share.   My nails aren't even pretty because I am doing nail envy strengthening treatment.  But I have had this little life Saber of a trick up my sleeve for a while.   I have been using allot of cream products lately and if you use a gel liber with your brush and go to use it the next day. .. not going to work.   Here is what I do to spot clean my brushes.
I use a stamping up stamp pad cleaner some spray brush cleanser. 

 See how dirty this is with gel liner from yesterday

Well I spray the cleanser on half the pad.  I then scrub the brush around then sib it on the dry side and boom clean! ! And no dry time or laying flat.  I can toss them back in the holder out use them right away. 
See how clean that came. 
I love this trick when I am traveling so I don't have to pack tons or brushes and don't have to worry about having a good clean brush for my eye brows or liner.  The pad I use is just fuzzy one.  You could use anything like that texture I use this when I clean my brushes to.  I just put I bit of ivory dish soap on one side to scrub them on. Works beautifully.   Have a good day guys. 

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