Wednesday, October 8, 2014

how we threw shelbys divergent bday party

 Shelby decided that this year she wanted a divergent party. Gone are the days where I can buy plates and a cake and have my self a theme.  So this year it fell to me.   Thank goodness I found these printablesites on pinterest.  Here is where I went from there. .
I picked up a table cloth, balloons, and frames from the dollar tree. 
I had my cupcake tree for years.  I baked the cupcakes and made butter cream frosting. I punched or the printable circles with my 1 3/4"punch then got glued them top tooth picks.  

For favors I put the printables in frames then we bought sixlets that coordinated with the faction colors.  I put some of each color in a paper dish and wrote their names on it with a chalk Marker.   I placed the rest of the sixlets in dishes on the table for kids to grab their candy for the movie. 
I bought paper straws at Walmart. 

So each kid took home candy , a picture and a balloon.  We also strung black steamers all over upstairs.  

Every kid came dressed as their faction of choice .  Then we had pizza. They all went through a test to see which faction they would be in.  I popped some popcorn on the stove. They grabbed their candy and soda. We had borrowed my sisters projector and we were going to have a bonfire and watch divergent outside but the mosquitoes were insane! We couldn't even do it with the garage door shut in the garage!   So they watched it in the basement.  The girls all slept onset and we had cinnamon rolls in the morning before the got picked up.  It all went off with out a hitch and everyone had a blast. 
Hope you guys are having a great day. 

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