Monday, October 6, 2014

organization tips and tricks

I have a unhealthy obsession  love affair with all things organization.  I am sure it stems from my childhood being raised by a hoarder.  But I thought today I would share a few things I worked on a round my house lately. 

I keep my most used spices in a old wooden soda crate on top of the stove. But to make things easier to find I wrote on the top of the lids with a chalk marker.  ( if you don't know about chalk markers they are awesome.  I have loved them since my days at a coffee shop where we used them for everything. ) p.s. penzeys spices ate the best.  I have tons more in my cupboard if you haven't tried them you need to. 
 Next I took my cart that I bought off a local garage sale fb site and made the top drawer a charging station.  (Notice the mom hook lock to keep max out ;) that's a bonus tip yw) the kids got tablets at school this year.  Between that and all the other electronics we needed a spot of the way.  Also the kids have to ask to get the electronics out that way I can make sure they have their homework and chores done before they start using them. 

 I drilled a hole in the back and then I slid a power strip cord through and plugged in all the electronics and bring the cords into the drawer on top. I also added the container from walmart on the left. 
Next I took core charts from the dollar tree and instead of refilling out the chart every week I put them in a frame so the kids can use a dry erase marker to check them off. 
 Next tip. .if you are like me you love your tart warmer but hate changing the wax. . Well just grab a cotton round throw it in. .
In a few minutes you have this. .
take it out and throw it away or if you're going to be having a bonfire be camping anytime soon throw it in a baggy and user it as a fire starter. 

 Next organizing thing to tackle will be labeling Evea's dresser so that her dad and sister know where things go when they put away laundry. I got these chalkboard labels at the Dollar Tree. Then I used my rotary cutter to cut them in half. For some I also used my Stampin Up 1 and three-quarter inch punch. I got chalkboard markers from Walmart I am so glad that they are so easy to find now!!

 I stuck them on the dresser and then I wrote the contents of the drawer inside so that my husband and daughter can put away the clothes without a jumbled mess or if they go to get things out for her they know where to look!
There you go done quick tips and tricks to make your house run a bit smoother and organize it a bit more :) p.s a lot of times I am flying through these posts, trying to get them up while the Munchkin is napping or playing at my feet.  so please bear with me if my grammar is even worse than normal;) have a good one guys

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