Thursday, October 23, 2014


I had a few things I wanted to share with you that I have been loving lately.  First off is the little acrylic organizer that I have been using to hold my most reached for things on my bathroom counter.  I have been loving this.  I picked it up at marshalls for around 10$. 
 Second is my revealed two pallet from coastal scents.  I have used my revealed two pallet a ton.  I would say is is my most reached for pallet.  So when I heard they had a revealed two that was total dupes for the naked 3 pallet I was soo excited.  I ordered it on sale for 10$ it is normally 20 but soooo worth it I don't think I have used another pallet since it came about a month ago.
 I have a few skin care favorites that I use daily.  I use the fruit of the earth vitamin e cream every day as a moisturizer. It is great keeps my skin moisturized and it is smooth and I love it.  I find it at walmart for 3$ something for a two pack.  (I heard about it from holly chastain I love her and really do wish she would post more).  There is my acure marula oil.  I have posted about it before I love this stuff I use it under and around my eyes and any where I feel like I am dry.  Usually in the morning and at night.  I also have the trader joes serum. I  grabbed this two trips ago in the cities.  It is great stuff.  It has a silicone feeling like a primer.  I use a pump of this at night and in the morning.  It is around 10$ and is some great stuff.
 My sleek contour kit in light.  I ordered this off amazon and love it!.  It has a great non muddy matte bronzer and pretty shimmer highlight.  I love love love this bronzer.
 Those are a few great things I have been loving lately.  Do you guys have any new things you are loving.  :) 

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