Sunday, November 2, 2014

favorite fall nail colors/must have nail products

Let's start with the nail basics. These are my favorite top base and strengtheners. 
I start each mani with one to two coats of strengthener like nailteks or nail envy. Then a base coat. I have sworn by orly bonded but I am giving sephoras formula x sticky base coat a shot.  ( so far I think orly is better) . I swear by my out the door top coat. It is stronge and shiny and dries crazy quick. Also a cuticle oil or cream
In fall and winter especially I like grayish colors. These are basiclying the same there is commander in chic by sally Hansen and wet and wild wet cement. I love both of these wet and wild is a couple bucks cheaper
a couple good Metalics and a glitter are essential loreal sparkleicious is a nice silver glitter, Fergie going platinum is a nice metallic silver, golden-I by Sally hansen is a good gold.

a good white and a good black are very important for nail art they're used a lot . white on by Sally Hansen is a great white and Ebony Hates Chris is great black.
I love a great teal my three favorites are pure ice internationally known, Fergie Miami spirit and  zoya Giovanna
these are two purple colors that I love  and use them throughout the year wet and wild on a trip and Zolya Odette is on my toes right now

Berry red tones are a must, I love wet and wild haze of love, cover girl crushed berries,  wine to five, and wet and wild under your spell. I love both of these brands played the formula and brushes are great.  
Those are my top fall colors and products for nails.  What are your fall favorite nail products/colors?

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