Friday, November 21, 2014

smashbook share.

It has been a horrendously rough week in my house. It's just been one of those weeks where things snowball and go wrong left and right like a soda can exploding inside my purse and driving my husband to work with Max starts projectile vomiting in the backseat, evea misses the bus and on and on. so this is what we're dealing with in my house today a one year old with the stomach flu.
 He is napping and I thought I would take a moment to do a blog post and take some down time for mommy. Sorry if this had some mistakes but I am hurrying  and using speech to text and swipe to get this up.  I have been wanting to share this with you guys for quite some time.  you may or may not have heard of smashbooking I made my own and I chose to make it with a discount system I bought a punch off at and I got the rings at Staples . For my clear plastic cover I cut down a cutting board from the Dollar Tree
 for my pages just inside I used all kinds of different things ,mostly scrapbook paper that I already owned and usually folded in half so it would be double sided. this particular page is on ideas that I like for my house I used posted no it's a paint chip from Walmart that I punched in added in and some washi tape
 I have bought and saved little envelopes to use throughout my book and my agenda which is also a disc bound system
 I keep things like this in a little clear envelope in the front that was actually for a 3 ring binder and I snipped that part off added some cardstock and punched it and stuck it on with washi tape
 here are two pages I did. One is on painting chips from my table but I did for my kitchen and the other I asked my family all of their favorite recipes that I make I wrote down all their favorite meals and I also wrote out a couple of the recipes punch them and added them inside
 this is my shelby pages I did one like this for each of the kids this is shelby 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th grade pictures and for each kid I drew a picture of them and wrote things that I love them and attributes: they have around them
 here is the inspiration paid for my kitchen things I like things I want to do
 this is a page I made from Pearl Jam I made a little envelope out of paper and I stuck the things that I caught that they had thrown out inside that plus ben ticket I put our ticket on their bracelets that we had I originally had punched are pit for the faithful band which was for people that got to be in the standing room only but then I decided to stick it down
 here is some of the projects ever has done from school that I wanted to say that I loved so punch them and added them in or a reward she got sent home from school behind that is a page of things that I love about my husband
 this page is a pamphlet for a knit retreat that I try to go to and then the other side has little coupon Shelby made me one year
 this one has a picture of ben and max mowing the lawn he has a smug little look on his face he loves to mow the lawn and I have some journaling on the back of that project life card at flips up and I wrote it on the back of their
 This is a page full of pictures from camping with a journaling card.
 Here is one of evea with a llama and some journaling on a flip up card.
 A foot game we went to and the tickets we got from it.
 My advent calendar. 
 Whiskers and evea with her list front teeth I punched the card and journaled on it
 Max watching the girls leave for school every day.  I Normale on that card back
 My bathroom ravamp
These are some of my favorite pages. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope your week is going better then mine. 

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