Thursday, November 6, 2014

current knitting project..

I had to share my new projet with you guys because I am obsessed.  I have wanted to knit a advent calendar for years.  Nicholas was digging through options online yesterday and this one won. It is just so stinking cute. 

You can find the pattern here.  It's a free bee and I am just using left over yarn and am almost done with my 6th. I started last night after dinner and its afternoon before my kids are even home...and I did my chores I have not neglected everything else (even though we all know I wanted to). These fit max just to give you a idea of the size. 

I will keep you posted on the progress. But I can't wait to use this and buy little goodes to fill it for my kiddos. I am off to try to sneak in the rest of this mitten before max wakes up. Don't for get to enter my giveaway.  The products areawesome. 

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