Tuesday, May 3, 2011

todays coupon deals I picked up :)

I am still going strong with the couponing. I even hit a few good deals over the weekend picking up some finish dish tabs, fabric softener, and Terra chips for under a buck each! and got my sister some free splenda and a 6 pack of paper towels for two bucks. (she was out of both) But today even though fire monster had the stomach flue and woke me up at 4 am by puking on me I had to run to hy-vee since they trade sales on Wednesdays . So I decided to hit walmart too. I got all this for $8.83

At hy-vee I got:

two boxes of great grains they were 2/5 and I had a dollar off coupon for each making them 1.50 a piece.

a 2.5lb bag of chicken breasts on sale for 3.99

and degree was on sale 10/10 and I had a b1g1 coupon. So 50cents a piece.

My total for that transaction was 8.13 but when I paid I got a catalina for 1$ off my next purchase and since 2 liters of soda were .69 cents I went back and grabbed 2 paying only .47 cents.

At walmart I got:

two reach floss that were .88 a piece I had 1.00 off and made .12 cents a piece on those.

a degree deodorant for .97 had a 1.00 off made .03

3 packs of Noxzema bikini razors they were 1.97 and had 2.00 off coupon made .03 a piece.

all in all it was tax and after my overage there I paid .23!!

So there is a update on my couponing. I will give you a review of the totals for my first month of couponing later this week. I had a few really great coupon items that were sold out and I will have to check for them later this week ;)

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