Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hyvee deals 5/4

Okay so I woke up and checked this weeks hy-vee ad on line. I was super excited because there was a couple great deals in there. (I know I am becoming a coupon freak lol) I got all this for $8.94 (it would have been 6.94 but the girls talked me out of those two $1 sodas lol)

so let me break this down for you. In this weeks news paper there was a coupon for $2 off two packs of sun chips, which are 2 for 5$ this week. That makes them 1.50 each...but that isn't all we also get a free salsa with a store coupon from the ad ...and... there was another coupon in this weeks paper to get a free sierra mist natural 2L with purchase of two sun chips!!! So I paid 3$ and got 2 packs of sun chips, a thing of salsa, and two liter of soda!

Then v8 splash which is yummy was on sale 1.99 and had a coupon for 1$ off two and so that makes them 1.49 a piece! I then swung by walmart and got my last free coupons for nivea body wash and they are still out of 3 pack bar Ivory soap or I would have grabbed those!

There is also a great cereal deal but I have to reconfigure that and get back to you tomorrow because I was hoping I could get fiber one on sale but it isn't :( <- that is me sad because I love fiber one.

besides becoming a coupon freak today I ran over to The Purple Iris and met some great ladies from out of town. It is always nice to meet some great new knitters. (if you see this hi ladies ;) But I need to get busy cooking dinner (chicken breast stuffed with stuffing and fresh green beans ) I need to have everyone tucked in so I can watch extreme couponing :) See you later ladies

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  1. Hi back to you from the out of town ladies!! We really enjoyed the shop and meeting other knitters. Hope to see you again.