Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whos up for some beauty tips.

So I have been sorta burned out on knitting this week after the craft fair. (if you have been noticing the lack of knitting from this knit picker) but I have found some great beauty tips to distract you...

I learned this one today, and it is brilliant!! Have you ever had your favorite eye shadow break!!! What a bummer well next time DO NOT THROW IT OUT Just mash it up in the little container you want it in, pour just A FEW DROPS of 70% rubbing alcohol over it and mix it up and squish it down with the back of a spoon!!! The rubbing alcohol will evaporate leaving it good as new!

How about your kids get a hold of your fav lip stick. Just scrap it out into a little jar or pill container nuke it for a couple seconds (if you want to turn the last scraps of your fav to lip gloss just mix a bit of petroleum jelly before you do the nuking) and then toss it in the freezer until solidified.

How about brittle lashes? Well lashes need some conditioning too! Us ladies are tough on the lashes ! So before you go to bed after you wash your face rub a bit of petroleum jelly on the lashes. Think of it as a deep conditioning treatment for your lashes. :)

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