Wednesday, May 25, 2011

where I disappeared to.

Just in case anyone wondered where I have disappeared to I have fallen down the rabbit hole of couponing. I had a big trip this last weekend with lots of arens and things like on Saturday we couponed, walked a 5k for autism, went and did two full foils and 3 hair cuts ,then couponed some more with my sis in law. So it was a long weekend. We drove home with the car packed to the hilt the trunk would barley shut and the kids had stuff by their feet lol. So here is my stock pile so far. I used to just have two shelves in this pantry ...

but it was way over stuffed so we set up this...
which is full. and we added this

peg board for the putsy hang up stuff like toothbrushes and mascara and razors. Anyway so far this month I have saved 43% on my grocery bill. I have went over budget but I figure it is fair due to the fact that we got such great deals on something and I am going to spend a bit more in summer when my hubby has over time to stock up for winter when we don't and money is tighter. :) So this will be my nut this little squirrel is storing for the winter. :)

anyway. I also have been working on this. A special bag for a customer from etsy. I made the yarn from hand from "upcycled" t-shirts and then knit it up into this owl purse..

"upcycled" the handles from a bag at a local thrift store charity that benefits the hospital

I hand embroidered the details and

I even sewed a lining and then hand stitched it to the inside of the bag with a magnetic closure. I put blood. sweat, tears. and love into this one and I hope she finds it worth the wait :) I am making a rag rug for my living room at the moment and some sock monkey trivets for my sis and me and a Taylor shrug for Monkey Butt. ( I know what the heck has got into me I am a one project kinda girl) I guess it just shows how spread out and crazy my life has been this month. Well I am going to climb into bed next to fire monster who beat me to my own bed and read a book until I can fall asleep. :) I should have some interesting stuff to show you by the big holiday weekend coming up. :)


  1. So glad you have reappeared! Sounds like you have been quite busy. Looks like the couponing is going quite well - congratulations! I hope that is easing the budget. :)