Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My coupon results after one month..

So it has been a long month adjusting to couponing hardcore, putting together the binder, figuring out all the best deals and quarks to the system. But I feel like I am getting a handle on this thing. I have my results after one month now. I have tallied EVERY SINGLE trip to the store. Before we were spending I am guessing between $400 -$450 a month. This month we spend $304.62. That includes EVERYTHING. I saved $272.80!!!. I brought home $576.60 worth of groceries and toiletries. So we have a back stock of toothpaste, floss, hair color, make up, snacks, and numerous back stock of cereal, salad dressing, snacks, soda, popcorn,8 body wash, razors,9 deodorant,3 laundry detergent, 2fabric softener, 2 things of dish washer tabs, 2 packs toilet paper, and tons of other stuff. So I am not running out of things and running to the store. I got them super cheap so I have some built up and won't have to buy at full price I can hold out.

So If you are interested my fav sites are krazy coupon lady(has great great things like stuff for you binder and other resources), I heart the mart, my litter, and pocket your dollars( she has a where you can click the match ups you want and print the list). I also like that if you go to hy-vees site and click helpful ideas tab it helps give you match ups for coupons!! They want to help you save money which is great. Also look around on youtube just search coupons you would be amazed! and of coarse watch extreme couponing on tlc on wed nights!!!

So just to give you the total between the money we saved from making changes to our house hold bills (like Nate Burkis says "found money") totaling 268.00 (my hubby refinanced our car payment ) and 272.80 that is a total of 540.80!!! woo hoo (now why aren't we rich lol every little bit helps right )

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