Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeah...

I know I get slower all the time people. But in my defense I had a very productive week. I polished off allot of projects despite the fact that my little fire monster will probably be walking around things with in the next two weeks!!!! (hey that is quiet the feat seeing as she just turned 6 and a half months) I am constantly chasing her out of things. Her new favorite today was pulling her self up to dig in the garbage can in the living room. She also has a special fondness for crawling up and cramming her self in her little jumpy stand toy thing.

But back to the knitting. Let me see first I finished ...the god forsaken baby surprise for my husbands friends. It was cute but I am glade to be done with it. I am still debating wither or not to do a little debbie bliss hat to go with it. I made it out of baby cashmerino. Cute little teddy bear buttons.

Then for a nice break I decided to knit my other koolhaas hat for the fun of it. It is made from rowan kid classic and is going to go with one of my favorite scarfs beautifully.

Then I buckled down and finished the other monkey sock for my lovely sherry. I will have them in the mail eventually.

Now I am working on what is my new love. I am in love with these socks. I am making cookie a.s hedera socks. I am making them with knit picks risata (grass) and I am just in love with them. Very simple pattern but comes out just beautiful. They go super fast. I am sooo loving these.

You can't really see the yarn overs when I have the pic like that but I will take better pics when they are done.

Soo see I didn't abandon you I was just knittin' my ass off people. I got allot done. So I am going to curl up in bed next to my baby girl (yes I gave in she is asleep in my bed) and work on my new love but I leave you with this people..

what the heck is wrong here people????
PS I apologize if things are all funky the way they line up I tried what can you do.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The begining of the end...

So I was sitting at the computer yesterday and we moved furniture so the fire monsters bed is right by it. She was in there supposed to be going to sleep for her afternoon nap when she sat straight up grabbed the edge and stood herself up!!! This is insane to me because she just turned 6 months a week ago. She is crawling around my house getting into all kinds of trouble and now pulling her self up to stand by things and she has only just turned 6 months!!! What am I going to do with this girl there is no holding her back and enjoying the baby stage she just keeps moving forward and not looking back. She is trouble wayyyy tooo determined.

Anyway this is me and my hubby's weekend. Today would be our Sunday. Boo boo has her last day of school :( and Ben took her and went to the gym while she was there. I enjoyed sleeping in a bit longer with the baby but yet I wish I would have went now to see the last day. I think maybe we will take her out for ice cream after to celebrate. She is just only the most beautiful smart girl i know. (which is great because the other one looks just like her lol)

I have been trudging along very boringly on my baby surprise sweater for my hubby's friend. and I am soo sick of it I think I may have to start something else just so I do not die of boredom but yet my whole reason for not starting something else is so I won't get side tracked and just get it done but Yeah we will see how that goes. Well fire monster is up and I am still in PJ's think I will get dressed and tidy up so we can do something special with the boo boo when she gets off I am thinking a bike ride /Rollerblade. :)

and we will end with this the cat torture for the day although he realy didn't seem to mind (it takes way too much to ruffle his feathers

Sunday, May 18, 2008

rolling down hill...

Well bloggers. The weekend was somewhat of a bust with knitting projects. I did do a few other things crafty like embroidered a pillow case actually two but I am going to add some more to the patterns I did. I didn't use patterns I drew them onto the cases them embroidered it. I decided after finishing they need a little something else so I will add to them. It is something I like to do every now and again it reminds me of my grandma. We have a few pillow cases around that I have done and we all fight over them. My four year old has her very own now though. I also duplicate (or did a lame attempt at) stitched the heels on my embossed leaves. The smooshy dream in color didn't hold up as well as I would have thought it would. Oh well I guess.

We had a long rough weekend. I had my three year old almost four year old (undiagnosed autistic) nephew yesterday. His dad is making a attempt at potty training him before his mom gets home from kosovo but you know I think you need conversation skills and more speech then a vague parroting before you can be potty trained. I think in the end I had as many hits as misses and got to clean poop up off my bathroom floor. I was cranky after that. I love the little guy but I truly think I will not offer to take him again no matter how much my other sis guilt's me. I had the monster puke I would say at least ten times (carrots) and my nephew peed his pants three times and pooped on the bathroom floor once and woke up the baby countless times. He cried all day about everything from he didn't want to eat the mac and cheese (the noodles prolly weren't the same shape as at home) to his unnatural fear of my dust buster. With Ben working weekends I have just decided no more. It is me with no help and having a baby makes it just ten times too hard. My sister has two older kids, a house,and a husband who is home to help on the weekends. I have a two bedroom apartment a four year old and a baby and am on my own. Not to mention the fact that I haven't got so much as a few hours alone with my husband since my sucky couple hour date with my hubby in march. SO I am done.

Also sat. when we had my nephew my husband went to leave for work and the tire fell off the car. We had to have it towed. I had a tow truck come from up the road less then a mile and it towed our car less then 20 yards. 80$ I was not happy. One step forward two steps back. We just swept out the garage and now it has a nice broken car in it. It was a giant mess the car was broken diagonal across the road and our road is a through road so people use it to cheat the stop light and they fly down it and high school had just let out and it wasn't pretty so if we didn't get it towed quick someone was either going to hit it or the cops would tow it first which would cost even more money. SO I guess you could say shit literally rolled down hill this weekend. I am a bit over stressed and cranky. I need to just curl up and knit.

I just checked on my babies and there is something sooo cozy and comforting about my daughter sleeping on a pillow embroidered with a design we made and a quilt made by my sis and my other baby laying there sleeping under the blankly i knit her with the teddy her aunt sent her. and all the things around that were made with time and love that make me feel a bit better. Seeing the love in the mittens drying on the table. the socks drying in the bathroom. the blankets and pillows and all the things that are the tangible representations of love of my family there even after the crappy weekend I ended on a good note. I am going to snuggle in with the pillow my grandma embroidered and knit til I crash.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ah a victory in cleaning

Well I am starting to take back my house. the stove was taken apart and cleaned me and my Boo boo cleaned the front of fridges dishwasher stoves scoured bathrooms and vacuumed and scrubed all over the place. She sat down in the recliner as i started to cook dinner and just woke up. My little Gizmo ate with me played and crashed about eight like usual but she should be up not too long from now to have a snack with her daddy and play. So the big high for the day was... me and ben have been playing a endless game of what is that smell in our car lately. It has been driving me up the wall. our car was not that dirty but good lord it just did not smell good. I have had weird things happen before like a apple slipped out of my lunch when I was younger and rolled under car seat where it went bad. So we were leaving no leaf unturned we moved the baby everything at the car wash as we vacuumed well we found it and let me tell you our car didn't smell as bad as it should have. There was a bag of cheese in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat!!!!!!!!!! AAAAh I am both delighted to be rid of the smell but mortified that such a thing happened to me.

but It feels soooo good and satisfying to be home and have a clean house clean car and fresh start for the day tomorrow with very little chores ahead of me. Tomorrow is our Saturday around here because ben has Tues and wed off so I think I should technically get to celebrate mothers day these days. I know he is giving me one of his great pedicures. I am looking forward to that. I am trying very hard to ignore the whining from the little girl in the other room who slept through dinner and woke up cranky and is turning her nose up at peanut butter her favorite meal of all time she would typically live off. She apparently wants pancakes the thing she turned her nose up at before falling asleep. Never happy are they.

Well I am going to sit here and drink my cup of tea (grams style with lemon heads) I am going work on my shrug and drink my tea and listen to the endless complaints of a 4 year old and try to remember that she was so great earlier hanging out and cleaning with her mama. I think a fight is going to break out between her and the cat any minute he is irritating her big shock.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

rich in the ways it counts.

Okay so today is mothers day... it is also the day my dad passed away two years ago from complications due to lung cancer I guess would be the technical term but he had a blood clot go straight to his heart. I love him and miss him and think of him allot. But I will not dwell on that. Today is also the day I went to Shepard's harvest and it was great great fun. Lots of great fuzzy animals and shops with cool fibers and things. I took a class on lace taught by Annie Modesitt. Which I loved it was great and she does beautiful things and is a great teacher loved her. She made me laugh too which is great on days like today. I left with a new found love for the chart. I look at them in a whole new way I do not read them the same as I did before that is for sure. I can't wait to dive into some of her projects (as soon as I finish the 3 i have going) I am normally such a monogamous knitter I do not know what has gotten into me. Anyway I can't wait to do her sling chair and her beautiful wide brimmed hats which not my usual style but she wore it and it looked cute so if she can pull it off so can I by god.
PS the photo included above is the reading in bed shrug that didn't fit me so my sister in law inherited it. I am working on my new one now.

I have had a few changes I quit my job this last week. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. I am getting my house back in order seeing my family more and cooking more and the things I love (being a housewife) Yeah I know most of you will think I am crazy but there is something satisfying about it. We were just settling down after me quiting when we realised my hubby's change of schedule at work shorted him two days and a few hundred $ so We are definitely tight money wise but hello it is a recession who isn't right. So no $ = no phone. Which if I would have been on bed rest I would have gone crazy but I find it almost soothing in a way. I get allot done with out having that distraction. But yet there are times when I want to call like to tell my sisters and mom and what not happy mothers day and no can do so they will have to settle for email. I am really kind of enjoying being in my little cocoon. I am a home body and I love being at home and watching movies and curling up with my knitting and books and girls and hubby and being here. So ya know we are healthy and although my oldest pushed me to the limit tonight at times I love them all soo much and poor spell or not I wouldn't change it for anything. Money comes and it goes. I just try not to stress we have food and a roof over our head and each other the rest is all just stuff anyway right. (besides if you haven't guessed my stash isn't low yet so I am happy til that happens right lol)

this pic of butt monkey is the aftermath of the days events.

So basically once I am done relaxing with a cup of yummy tea my sis sent me from over seas I am going to do a quick house tidy and sit down and bind off the sample i did in class to get the closer and practice the new method I learned. I hope all you mamas out there had a great day and are as happy and cozy as me right now. Besides I find great comfort in the fact that if worse comes to worse I will shave the cat and have my girlfriend spin the fur for yarn and then eat him. I am just saying it is always a option people lets hope it doesn't get to that lol.