Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things have been slow lately. I have been busy busy but I have broke free from work for 5 straight days. I stayed home yesterday just me and the fire monster and a few rented movies and hung out. I got a bit of knitting done but mostly just snuggles with the fire monster. Ben had four days in a row off last week so it was nice to have him around. I am very tired. Boo boo is back from her dads and tired and a bit mouthy (typical behavior for coming home from her dads). I am almost to the heel on my sisters second sock. I can't wait to finish it. I keep debating what to do next. Socks for my fire monster or the hat for her made out of the hand spun beautiful alpaca my girlfriend spun for me. I have such a hard time making it for something that she won't fit next year it is sooo pretty.

Speaking of fire monster she is behind me in her bassinet growling her self to sleep she is such a monster lol. Boo boo is watching James and the giant peach in the living room. Okay I do not have much to say lately. I was pretty sure by mid week this week that my boss who I love but he has the mood swings of a women was trying to crush my soul. I am pooped and have plenty of chores to keep me busy and a whole ton of things I should be doing. Why does everything take so much time. Fire monster is asleep with the cat keeping a close and watchful eye as he naps near by I am off to get to that heel wish me luck. :)

Okay guys I am adding to this because i picked my next project the reading in bed shrug and I am doing it in worsted alpaca. I can't wait I am busting my hump on my sis's sock tonight so I can start it asap. I am 12 rows past the heel and going Strong the boo boo is in bed with a movie. and fire monster is asleep in her bed. I am excited. I am going to throw on a movie and get to knitting :)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Well bloggers, I know it has been a while. I have been working lots lately give me a break. I also have developed a stye the size of a fairly sizable mountain. I can't think of one to name at this point but it doesn't matter really does it? It is big and gross and we will leave it at that. I am waiting for Ben get the fire monster who I am seriously thinking needs to be renamed gizmo because she sounds soo much like him when she talks and at a mere 5 months does a army crawl and she can roll basically anywhere she wants she is making us crazy and very nervous since she is sooo young to be achieving such mischief. Booo boo the butt monkey is at her dads for a few days and I am sorta relieved to have a bit of a break she has drug me to the pool swimming 4 times this week. I can only do so much people!!!

I finished the lava socks they are beautiful and great and I got two great new sock yarns and i have pics from me and my girlfriends trip to see the yarn harlot but I have been in no mood to get things together (see before mentioned stye and mention of work) Well I have the earth mother comment for the day. I was showing off my socks very proudly and mentioned that I have enough sock yarn left for another sock as determined by weighing my sock i used less then half the skein (by the way I have 2.26 oz left of a 4 oz skein of schaefer ann by the way) and she said we really need to teach you yardage!! hello half my skein of sock yarn is gone what easy method do I have that is easier then putting it on my digital scale i use for hair color??? But what ever she can say to belittle you in front of customers and try to make her self feel better right. Oh well we can't all be nice knitters right. Well I am off to snuggle my hubby and climb into bed.

If I go die of gangrene from using year old antibiotic eye drops in my eye because I am too lazy to go in to the Dr's I leave everything to the cat. lol (not really he only gets half)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well people I have done it I have achieved success, I have knit my self my first real garment. I have 8000 socks scarfs hats mittens rugs baby and child things but nothing large for my self til now. I finished my shrug and it is blocking on my table and I smell like a dirty wet alpaca. I have been in quiet the snit all week. I feel like I am coming around though. Although I have been just in love with my projects and making fairly good time. I mean I made shelbys rainbow socks I finished my shrug and I have started what have been names the lava socks that I am in love with (thank you lynn) I have been short fussed, cranky and my moods can take a turn for the worse on a dime.

Case in point this morning my husband drug me out of bed telling me we had to get buttmonkey to school well I woke up to find every single favorite thing I owned was in the drier still wet because it seems that what I can only assume is a diaper had been washed with them. (which ben has also washed a entire roll of toilet paper with our laundry before he is not very observant but that is a story for another day) so back to the point I had to wear things I hated and rush around and then Ben started to get upset and said something that threw me into what can only be explained as a mutant rage much like the hulk. I came at ben nostrils flaired, fire in my eyes and in fear of his life he threw a dishrag at me and I punched him in the arm screamed and then went in the room and slammed the door with such a force a part of the door jam fell down and the door pushed forward and in what can only be explained as a act of god to save my husbands life the little nails that held the door jam up were bent in such a way the door was locked shut and I had to find scissors and bend them one by one to make pry the door open by then I had thrown my ipod on and was listening to the yarn harlot in a daze trying to get myself out to the car. with the 20 minute ride listening to the yarn harlot and a bit of my Lacie lava sock behind me I had come down but I told my husband next time that happens have the good sense to keep your mouth shut and make no sudden movements til I am fully dressed.

I had a close call this after noon though when i realised in with the load in the drier he had thrown my favorite pair of hand knit socks my lace embossed leaves socks!!! I just thank god that tomorrow I work then I am off to watch the yarn harlot speak. I can't wait to get out get a break and shirk my responsibilities. I should prolly go people I should coax the cat out of hiding I am sure he is shaking in a corner somehow waiting for the beast to arise in me once again lol.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Socks socks and more socks

I know it has been a few days and no I didnn't pass away and get devoured by my cat. I finished one of the springy socks and realised I hated the yarn allot. I wanted to love it because of the color but I didn't so I took the second ball of yarn which was untouched and was going to pay the difference to get a brand tried and true and I left the sock as a demo for my boss and the other yarn returned and he called it good and now I have a new sock yarn to knit up

A pretty soft and bright schaefer ann sock yarn. I love you Lynn it was me not you I chose bad yarn for myself the aloe made my hands dry as a well... dry stuff and the yarn split like crazy as i knit with it. It felt like a gunny sack when I got done with the one sock so I decided not to move ahead.
I am now working on a pair of jaywalkers for boo boo out of rainbow regia. I am one down and a tiny bit into the second one. After I finished the first she informed me she needed a second sock!!! I hope all you knitters out there realise that you have to knit two socks!!! All those years down the drain lol. So if anyone is keeping track that means I have a pair of socks to knit for fire monster yet plus a pair for my sis (which I am keeping her schaefer ann and bought trekking pronature as a decoy yarn) , plus two pairs of socks for myself and a hat. Thank god tomorrow is knit night I have got tons to get done. Not to mention that I have got a hat for my bosses charity knitting to do.
I am super excited for knit night by the way I have lots of yummy things to cook and eat. I have a few possible videos. I am super excited. I am not as excited that I have to get up early and do some foils on my hubby's friend's girlfriends. but she is preggo and I understand and I want her to feel better about her self every pregnant women should feel beautiful because I know this last pregnancy I sure as heck did not.
Fire monster got a new toy today. One of those mats that she rolls around on that dangles toys just out of her reach lol. It is cute and she has soo much fun in it. I also got boo boo a movie that she doesn't even know of. She is at her dads already for the weekend. A old Alvin and the chipmunks ones where they fly around in a hot air balloon. She has jumped on the chipmunks band wagon. She will be excited. Other then that life has been boring. I have been working lots and that is about it. I am not very funny more exhausted. At least I am not angry and starving anymore. I had quiet a few days when a was off solids where I was a cranky mad women and poor Ben survived. I am on smooshy stuff now. No chewy things but I did manage a mcds. plain double cheese burger today woooohooo. my unintentional hunger strike is over. well bloggers cat is at my feet trying to force me to feed him so I guess he deserves to eat if I get to eat. take care of your cats bloggers.