Monday, September 17, 2012

Flooring remodel before and after.

Okay so I have hated my linoleum and carpet since I moved in a year and a half ago and since our lease is up I talked our land lord into putting new carpet and linoleum in our main floor (I really don't care about the up stairs and down stairs they are fine) 

Here is my living room.

A big change in here is I had them bring the linoleum over to the other side of the bar (which were thrift finds from a while back and I just now painted to match).  So now my bar stool aren't on carpet which is nice.

Here is the before of my kitchen.  Lovely gold linoleum that had holes in numerous places.
Here is the after with the my new linoleum

I was super impressed with the stuff they chose it is looks and feels like a natural stone tile!!.  But isn't which I love because I hate tile and after having the while tile top table for years I never want to scrub grout again!!!!  So now after almost a week of chaos around here and having things out of there designated place this anal eddie is a happy girl!! 

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