Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy 33rd to my sweet hubby /copper smokey eye

 Today is a great day.  My hubby turns 33!!!  I am not sure how much I talk about my hubby on here but let me tell you a bit about him.  He is a amazing dad!!  He is the dad that always takes the kids to the park, reads the extra bed time story, plays the games that make me want to bash my head into a brick wall, and works so hard for his kiddos.
 He is my best friend who makes me laugh and laughs with me until it hurts and tears run down our faces.  He listens when I need to talk and my partner in everything we do.  We are in this together not just one of us carrying all the load. He has grown into a even more amazing person then the one I fell in love with over 7 years ago.

 He is considerate and always makes time for me and would give me anything in the world to make me happy.  He gives his all to me and kids and is so selfless and amazing.

 I can't wait for this amazing man to get home so I can take him out to a great dinner and take care of him.  I made sure every chore in the house was taken care of so he can relax and enjoy.  I am all gussied up to take him on a birthday dinner and I though I would make this a 2 for 1 and share my new favorite smokey eye I have been wearing allot lately. 

 I use the same  wet and wild petal pusher eye pallet that I did Tiffany D's purple smokey galaxy eye with last week.  I put down a dark eyeshadow stick as a base then smudge it out.
 This time I used the copper color on the right that says crease all over my lid and a bit underneath my eye on the inner half (It looks more pink in this pic but it is more coppery live and ) Then I stamp the one underneath it that says eyelid in the corner and slightly underneath the outer half of my eye and smudge it out.  Then very lightly over the edge of those between then and my highlight I VERY LIGHTLY use the shade to the left of that one that say crease.  I use the top white one as a highlight under my brow and in the inner corner of my eye. 

 I line the top with L'Oreal carbon intense liquid eyeliner and the bottom with black aveda eyeliner.
 I used my physicians formula cashmere bronzer to contour my face and a bright pink blush so I don't look washed out and pale since this is a fairly smokey eye. 

 Its pretty and sparkly and is great fall colors.  I hope you guys have a great day I know I will because I am spending it with my best friend and the man I love :)

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  1. Aimee, you look beautiful, all decked out for dinner with your hubby. Happy Birthday to Ben, and many more!