Monday, September 24, 2012

Girls knit weekend.

So my girl friend Pat and I decided to set up a knit retreat for us and some of our girl friends.  We decided we would put the invites out there and who ever could make it could make it and no matter what we were going.  We chose Stillwater, Mn for the location and finding a place that would work was a bit of a challenge the cabin we wanted to rent never replied back the bed and breakfasts were full up and the only ones who weren't required a two night stay! So we chose a hotel. 

We left early sat morning and picked up Jan on our way.  This is the gorgeous leaves changing from 60mph in the car lol. 
Then we went and picked up Kady in Minneapolis, which was a blast.  Kady lives where Ben lived when we were dating.  I went to school a block from his apartment and every Friday was date night in that neighborhood for us.  So it was such a blast from the past for me.

Our first yarn shop we hit is Bella Lana which is right beside Aveda where I went to school and it used to be a coffee shop back then.  But it is tiny and sleek, bright, and has beautiful yarn.  I got this beauty there.

Then we moved on to St. Paul and ate lunch off Grand Avenue at billys.  I had the best burger ever!  I can't remember the name but it had blue cheese and applewood smoked bacon (hold the chilli sauce) yummmm.  
Then we crossed the street to The yarnary.  I got this beautiful madeline tosh sock yarn!!  I thought it was so symbolic of this weekend with the changing leaves color.  I immediately started a pair of embossed leaves socks.  I bought reinforcing thread for the heels and toes because my rough hobbit like feet would eat through this beautiful stuff otherwise.  :)

Then we hoped down the block for anther must..
Cafe Latte cake yummm...  I had caramel apple cheesecake.

Then we finally hit the road for Stillwater.  We had to get to Darn Knit Anyway before they closed.It was a adorable shop with great yarns and fabric. 
Here we are with their adorable yarn bombed tree out front .  And here is Pat with the beatimous pregnant Kady.

I didn't make any purchases here but my girlfriends did.  Then we wandered the strip downtown by the river hitting all the other great shops. I bought this( to organize gift cards I think)

Then we went for a delish dinner at grand pizza where Benji and I ate our wedding night dinner and go every time we are back in town.  There was a super cool old stretch limo. 

 We went back to our hotel to knit for the night and relax.  
Then next day we got up ate breakfast headed and out hit target. I  got some weird odds and ends some super cute measuring cups, a elf foundation brush, and post it note graph paper !!! (brilliant I could kiss who ever came up with this idea)
Then we had to hit Ikea I got these (I think they will be in my make up area in my girl cave.)

From there we had lunch at Panera and picked Shelby up.  We had two more stops to make before we headed out though.  We hit . Knitters Palette .
This was my fav shop when we lived in the cities.
 Sadly I missed knit guru Val and the lovely Pam wasn't in either but we did get some lovely cashmere yarn to make fingerless mitts.

We hit Penzys Spices and headed home. It was such great fun.  I can't wait for our winter trip to do it all over again.  What a blast. 


  1. Hi Aimee, I heard that you were in over the weekend! Sorry I missed you...wouldn't you know, it was my only day off.

    Miss ya!

  2. Ha I understand. I was bummed to miss you but we are going to take another one in the winter and will for sure be back. Everyone agreed they want to spend some time sitting and knitting in your shop that it was the most inviting and welcoming:)