Wednesday, September 5, 2012

purple galexy smokey eye

 So I super love Tiffany D's make up tutorials anything she has ever recommended I have loved so I was super stoked when she did her tutorial and was using wet 'n wild petal pusher palette because I can get that here in my semi small town.   I bought the sweet as candy pallet which she used here.  For her back to school tutorial and I also bought the revlon eye stick thing she used but wasn't as in love with it seeing as it was broke before I even got it out of the package!!!

Any way I follow her on instagram and I saw she posted picks and I knew she was getting ready to post the tutorial with petal pusher (she mentioned in her august favs. that she was going to do one) and So I kept checking the site super excited it came out yesterday so today I am rockign the purple galaxy smokey eyes!!

The pallet looks like this 

 I super love them this doesn't show as bright and purple as it is in person.

 The mascara I used is the same one she uses in the video it rocks and is cheaper then the one I was typically using.

 love purple !

I did a nude lip with a loreal lip stick covered with a stila lip gloss

I hope you guys try this and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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