Monday, September 22, 2014

Mani monday

Happy mani monday!!! I have been taking a break from my gel polish because I went the months straight and my nails were tore up. The polishes I used are cover girl Pina colada 510 and wet n wild teal slowly and see 34195.   I have lots of posts I want to get up this week.  I have been trying out some new skin care and hair products and I wanted to give it a bit time to see how much improvement it made and give my skin and hair time to react.  I can't wait to share it with you guys.  :)  Off to slay the mountain of laundry while max naps. Have a good day. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I love fall, the routine, the cool weather, the beautiful leaves. It always feels peaceful and hopeful to me. I am sorry for being sporadic through the summer but we are getting into a routine now that school had restarted and my blog will be getting more love. For today catching up on laundry, pampering a baby with a cold, paving for a business trip as well as a trip to the cities, and slowly trading over to fall decor. Hope you guys are enjoying some peace and quiet just like me :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

down stairs bathroom

It's been really busy around here lately.  The kids are back in school I have tons of chores going on and and thing I wanted to get checked off the to do list. First up the girls hot mess of a bathroom. 
The flat teal paint that they also got all over the ceiling. The olive green shower. Ugh.  Here is the after. .
I started by painting it a light grey blue.  I touched up the white ceiling,.  I went today and got a shower curtain that matched the more neutral vibe.  I also grabbed a cute elephant toothbrush holder.  I wanted to change out the floor mats but there wasn't anything I was crazy about.  Much better so far for sure.  There is still some changes I want to make over time but you'd is already livable for now (or will be once I change the mats; ) have a good day guys

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I had a few jobs I have been dragging my feet on since the move, one of which was the bathroom.   It had a nasty molded peeling tub surround ,cracked flat paint, then the people who had painted before painting the ceiling and just rolled the roller right across the wall leaving white paint all over the beige color.
Here is the end product. .

Here is what I changed: I added two shelves from ikea above the toilet for extra storage.  There is a new tub surround that was put and we took out the old moldy peeling one.  Last but not least I painted the walls gray and added a matching curtain. 
I am now officially done with the bathroom.  Yay, another room completed.  :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

family bday

  Last weekend we were in the cities to celebrate maxs birthday with my family and a few close family friends.  My husband worked this weekend so we made the plans to celebrate up there the weekend before his birthday.  Here are some pictures from the celebration.

He really enjoyed his smash cake. 

When we got home he spent a huge part of the week playing with his new cars and ramp.
 Besides playing with his new cars all day.  He obsessed with the construction going on next door.  So if he wasn't standing in the window saying "woo woooo".  Then he would throw a fit til we would stand outside to get a better look.  Like when they were laying cement and the cement truck was here.  That was Max gold.  I had to stand in the yard for him to gawk for over a half hour.  Every time the construction guys would signal the truck driver he was sure they were waving to him and he would start waving back all excited.
That was our week in a nut shell :) I hope you guys had a great week. 

Maxs first birthday

We had a huge bash at our house Saturday.  It was maxs first birthday/a bit of a house warming.  It went great there was tons of food, tons of friends,  and tons of fun memories.   My gf Kady from random and wonderland acted as photographer.  She got such great moments. Here is a sneak peak of some of my faves.  You can swing to her blog and see all the fabulous pics here

It's hard to believe my amazing, sweet, little lover boy is 1. Time flies ugh.