Monday, September 1, 2014

family bday

  Last weekend we were in the cities to celebrate maxs birthday with my family and a few close family friends.  My husband worked this weekend so we made the plans to celebrate up there the weekend before his birthday.  Here are some pictures from the celebration.

He really enjoyed his smash cake. 

When we got home he spent a huge part of the week playing with his new cars and ramp.
 Besides playing with his new cars all day.  He obsessed with the construction going on next door.  So if he wasn't standing in the window saying "woo woooo".  Then he would throw a fit til we would stand outside to get a better look.  Like when they were laying cement and the cement truck was here.  That was Max gold.  I had to stand in the yard for him to gawk for over a half hour.  Every time the construction guys would signal the truck driver he was sure they were waving to him and he would start waving back all excited.
That was our week in a nut shell :) I hope you guys had a great week. 

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