Monday, September 8, 2014

down stairs bathroom

It's been really busy around here lately.  The kids are back in school I have tons of chores going on and and thing I wanted to get checked off the to do list. First up the girls hot mess of a bathroom. 
The flat teal paint that they also got all over the ceiling. The olive green shower. Ugh.  Here is the after. .
I started by painting it a light grey blue.  I touched up the white ceiling,.  I went today and got a shower curtain that matched the more neutral vibe.  I also grabbed a cute elephant toothbrush holder.  I wanted to change out the floor mats but there wasn't anything I was crazy about.  Much better so far for sure.  There is still some changes I want to make over time but you'd is already livable for now (or will be once I change the mats; ) have a good day guys

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