Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NEW PATTERN! Allison/teen wolf hat

So the other week when my niece was here we were all sitting around watching television and the hubby was channel surfing and left the TV on the MTV series Teen Wolf. So we watched a bit and Allison the main girl character was wearing this great hat. I had to make it. So I sat down and figured out what it should be and here we are people.

It is a barrette type hat.

she wears it on the garter stitch side but I think it looks great on the ss side too

I love it either way and put the pattern out there for purchase on ravelry to share :)

I made two clearly lol

I love them both and can't wait for fall to bust them out :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well hey there long time no see.

It has been a busy summer here soo far. I thought I would catch you up on what has been keeping me out of the blog world these last couple weeks. I finished my rag rug (which isn't my fav I wish I had had funner colors to work with but alas the local thrift shop was drab )

I sewed some curtains for the girl cave...
I made the hubby hang the book case in my girl cave..

I decided to work on a tear sheet project

I got a candle stick from the dollar store a couple cheap clear plates from a store that starts with W.. and pulled out my silver spray paint and glue gun and viola!! I have a great cute little spot to toss my jewelry and smelly stuff on my dresser!

I have been super thrilled that me and my sister happened to fall into a amazing shop that has opened in my town called Italy Ava that is all re purposed and hand made things. It is amazing and I am soo lucky to be in the ranks of these great artists ! wow! I have put a few things in like the cupcake hats (0f coarse) and...

I also threw together some more upcycled tshirt purses ( I forgot to take pics with the handles on though sorry)

They were fun and are way cuter in person.

I also busted out probably almost a dozen owl cable cell phone / ipod holders by request.

They work great for your androids Iphones or Ipods.

I also started to work on some fall projects for the shop (they are surprises though!) All of these was done plus I read 3 books (not listened to on my ipod but read!) , took a four day trip to the cities ,driving there one other time (nice 6 hours in the car) and having company at the house twice! I am also doing a knit a thon for breast cancer tomorrow.
I am EXHAUSTED I have to climb into bed and watch a movie and finish a project so good night every one !

Ps don't forget to go to Italy avas facebook and like them so you can see all the great stuff she is getting in it is amazing!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

busy busy busy

Okay so I have been busy with all my normal activities (baking, knitting, cleaning, couponing, coloring my hair, cutting my hair, and all that business) So here is some of the latest things that I have been up to.

I am in love with hungry girl cooking show. I dvr it every day and this weekend in between cutting and coloring my hair I made her marsh mellow madness cupcakes!!

Hello super yum. I totally linked to the recipe for you and she was right you don't miss the frosting. Another thing you could do it sprinkle some gram cracker crumbs on top for you smores fans (me meh not so much a smores fan) :)
but certainly a fan of these yummmm.
Also I crochet up a rag rug from some sheets not the most beautiful but it down by my laundry area for now. I would love to get my hands on some more vibrant colors or even just others so if anyone would like to donate there old sheets to me let me know (or even ex's clothes what ever you have laying around ;)

this ones is a bit muted for my taste.

I also knit monkey butt a new Taylor shrug. She has wanted one since I knit my nieces last year.

It turned out nicely and she has been wearing it non stop with the dresses I sewed her and fire mosnter (oh I forgot to take pics of that...oh well another day)
I also finally got her the nail effects she has been begging for they are on sale and walmart and I had a coupon.

They are basically sorta stickers you prep your nails place them on and then you file the access off.

they worked really nicely

I was leery because at 8.50 after coupon and sale they were a bit pricey for this girls 7 year old. but They have lived up to their promise they have been on over a week now and only one has gotten chipped off!!! and there is enough we could fill that one! That is pretty impressive by little girls manicure standards her paint jobs usually last 3 days with me doing base two color and a gel top coat. So give them a shot they are fun for sure.

Well I am getting sick and have some body aches and a killer head ache so I am climbing into bed

Night every body