Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well hey there long time no see.

It has been a busy summer here soo far. I thought I would catch you up on what has been keeping me out of the blog world these last couple weeks. I finished my rag rug (which isn't my fav I wish I had had funner colors to work with but alas the local thrift shop was drab )

I sewed some curtains for the girl cave...
I made the hubby hang the book case in my girl cave..

I decided to work on a tear sheet project

I got a candle stick from the dollar store a couple cheap clear plates from a store that starts with W.. and pulled out my silver spray paint and glue gun and viola!! I have a great cute little spot to toss my jewelry and smelly stuff on my dresser!

I have been super thrilled that me and my sister happened to fall into a amazing shop that has opened in my town called Italy Ava that is all re purposed and hand made things. It is amazing and I am soo lucky to be in the ranks of these great artists ! wow! I have put a few things in like the cupcake hats (0f coarse) and...

I also threw together some more upcycled tshirt purses ( I forgot to take pics with the handles on though sorry)

They were fun and are way cuter in person.

I also busted out probably almost a dozen owl cable cell phone / ipod holders by request.

They work great for your androids Iphones or Ipods.

I also started to work on some fall projects for the shop (they are surprises though!) All of these was done plus I read 3 books (not listened to on my ipod but read!) , took a four day trip to the cities ,driving there one other time (nice 6 hours in the car) and having company at the house twice! I am also doing a knit a thon for breast cancer tomorrow.
I am EXHAUSTED I have to climb into bed and watch a movie and finish a project so good night every one !

Ps don't forget to go to Italy avas facebook and like them so you can see all the great stuff she is getting in it is amazing!

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  1. So good to see another post - I was beginning to worry about you!

    Love the curtains for the girl cave.

    How did the craft fair go? (I know - seems forever ago.)

    We'd love to have you stop in and join us at knitting when you're in town...