Friday, December 19, 2014

poor baby sharp tooth

okay guys I wanted to catch you up on where I've been. For one thing I have had a nasty horrible cold.  it's gone through it ben, max, me, and shelby. That's number 1 number 2 Max broke his front top tooth in half diagonally the other night when he slipped in the tub. He chipped the other front one too just not as bad and he knocked both back up a bit into the gums. so we had to travel to Sioux Falls for an emergency dental visit in the morning and they filed it down that wasn't quite so sharp and it's really close to the nerve so if it keeps bugging him in a few weeks they will have to put him  under and cap it.  but if not I
he will just have a crooked tooth. 

it has just been one of those weeks not only is everyone sick plus the emergency visit to the pediatric dentist but I went to run two quick errands the other day hit a pothole flat tire.. dead phone and just one thing after the other! So needless to say this mama is off to nap. happy Friday

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