Monday, December 8, 2014

christma diy

This weekend me and the girls w a need to do some Christmas diys. We started with these.  These are dollar tree diys. We bought foam cones and cut them to different tight. Then we took pushpins we did silver gold and one tree we did silver and gold and we push them in overlapping them to cover all the styrofoam and to hold each other and if there were ones that wouldn't stick and good I'd put a tiny dot of hot glue underneath to make sure that they were secure. I love how these came out! it took about a pack and a half of push pins for the largest tree.

 then we made a few fun little snow terrariums.
 I took old candle jars and glued flat glass marbles to them for a bit fancier candle holders. 

this was the most expensive one the jar with the phone $4.00 at Walmart.  For the little trees and animals if we didn't have them on hand we went to Menards they had the biggest selection and reasonable prices it was about $2 per package trees and $1 to $2 per animal
 just whenever already on the horse and we got a glass container and a candlestick from the Dollar Tree and glue them together with E 6000
 we already on to this container the little house was from the Dollar Tree the raccoons in the garbage cans were from Menards and we use Epsom salt for all the snow.

I got a few more foam cones from the Dollar Tree and I had these beads that I got years ago for Christmas at the Dollar Tree I took them and hot glued them around the cones just for something a little shiny

I have this little window type area between the kitchen and the living room and on one side of it I have the stockings hanging and I decided to decorate inside the little window I hung snowflakes and ornaments on a fishing line and then I put my little cone and a couple came beholder and on the other side (the living room side )is where our stockings are hanging

I hope you enjoy it and if you try any of these let me know. 

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