Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to fix a zsu zsu pet that won't work!

So maybe some of you guys own zsu zsu pets like we do. We got some for my kiddos 2 Christmas's ago now. They were the big hit but by that night they wouldn't move anymore!!! my kiddos were pretty upset.

I had taken them apart and tried everything. Well I happened upon this today

I took two zsu zsu's and operated on them! One was one of the first we bought and instead of two little wires it had two springs and it still wouldn't run right so I opened up the box for the motor and cleaned all the gunk and hair out of the axle (around the wheels) and then popped him back together. The new one I didn't have to do that to it worked great doing just what this brilliant fellow in the video suggested :) So smart. We are back in zsu zsu pet business they are running none stop and driving me crazy again lol.

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