Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mmm the weekend

I have spent the weekend reading a new book the librarian @ my library
suggested it is called undead and unwed. It takes place in the twin
cities area and is a paranormal comedy. It is pretty funny and a quick
read. I spent the weekend reading ,cooking,and snuggling on the couch.
We did catch the special about the John Edwards scandal what a pig!!!
What a horrible despicable man. It never fails to amaze me how money
and power can make people think they can do anything and get away with
it and treat people like dirt. Cheating on his wife the mother of his
children as she fight cancer not to mention denying his daughter left
and right. DISCUSTING.

But beyond that I made pioneer womens Marlboro mans 2nd fav. Sandwich
for lunch (lemon pepper chicken) hers called for pepper bacon since I am
back to watching what I eat I swapped that for turkey bacon left overs
and put it on a arnolds bun it was delish. Her story on her site black
heels to tractor wheels is absolutely wonderful. My sister bought her
cook book and made the olive bread from it and OOOOH MY GOD!!!! It is
amazing every single family member left raving about it last week. And
the book was great I am so getting it but it got me curious so I looked
up her site and was up til four in the morning reading the story on my
sidekick in bed lol.

If you haven't checked it out do so now my hubby
will be back from the gym soon. We will eat some dinner then curl up on
the couch like a pile of kittens again with the fire monster. I hope
everyones weekend is going great.

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